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Shortee Club Pass Through Drill -Shoulder Turn

Develop a Better Shoulder Turn for Golf,Golf,GolfGym,Shortee Club

This Shortee Club Pass Through Drill will help you get the feeling of keeping your sternum behind the ball. You will also develop a much better shoulder turn. Let me explain: Two of the “Death Moves” associated with the golf swing are “Coming Over the Top” and “Early Extension” (Standing Up). Both of these moves […]

Take It Inside

Karen Jansen,CardioGolf,Shortee Club,Golf,Golf Swing

For the majority of American golfers, the temperature is falling and so is the white stuff. Your golf clubs are nestled all snug in their beds (closet/garage), while visions of springtime dance in their heads. This means that your clubs will be ready to play come springtime…but will you? Well…Take It Inside!We at GolfGym® have […]