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Punch Drill Inspired By Rory McIlroy

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I saw a Tweet on our Twitter account @GolfGymFitness that showed PGA Tour Player Rory McIlroy on the practice range performing a drill they called the Punch Drill. It is a simple drill, but may be a game changer for some golfers. The actual video was on the Golf.com News email. It is a short […]

The Golf Swing Starts From The Ground Up

Golf Swing From The Ground Up,Ground Up,Golf Swing,GolfGym,GolfGym PowerBandz,GolfGym PowerBand

For many years I have heard golf commentators and golf teachers use the phrase, “The Golf Swing Starts From The Ground Up”. You have probably heard that as well. Frankly, I really didn’t know how to apply that knowledge to my actual golf swing. I saw video of Justin Thomas, Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy’s […]

Shortee Club Pass Through Drill -Shoulder Turn

Develop a Better Shoulder Turn for Golf,Golf,GolfGym,Shortee Club

This Shortee Club Pass Through Drill will help you get the feeling of keeping your sternum behind the ball. You will also develop a much better shoulder turn. Let me explain: Two of the “Death Moves” associated with the golf swing are “Coming Over the Top” and “Early Extension” (Standing Up). Both of these moves […]

Take It Inside

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For the majority of American golfers, the temperature is falling and so is the white stuff. Your golf clubs are nestled all snug in their beds (closet/garage), while visions of springtime dance in their heads. This means that your clubs will be ready to play come springtime…but will you? Well…Take It Inside!We at GolfGym® have […]