Punch Drill Inspired By Rory McIlroy

I saw a Tweet on our Twitter account @GolfGymFitness that showed PGA Tour Player Rory McIlroy on the practice range performing a drill they called the Punch Drill. It is a simple drill, but may be a game changer for some golfers. The actual video was on the Golf.com News email. It is a short video but shows clearly what Rory is practicing.

Golf.com News Description

Here is how Golf.com News explained the drill:
“The drill itself is pretty foolproof: You grab the club normally with your lead hand, putting your trail hand at the bottom of the grip, and begin making swings. Your goal is to get both arms as straight as possible, as soon as possible in the downswing.”

This drill is straight out of the Pete Cowen school of thought, who teaches Henrik Stenson and has helped Rory McIlroy in the past, which focuses on using the arms to apply lots of pressure onto the golf ball.

Hitting Down On The Ball

You’ve probably heard the phrase: “Hit Down On The Ball”. Golfers can debate that phraseology, but in actuality, the golf swing does start downward in the downswing. It is a hard concept to grasp by some. The golf swing appears to be going around our bodies in an arc versus a dive downward with the club head.

The movement that infers hitting down on the ball is not meant for the club head, but rather for the grip. In the down swing the grip and your hands should start in a very downward motion. The club head should stay behind to create that “LAG” position that is so critical to hitting the golf ball far.

Perfect Drill to Help Create LAG

This punch drill is perfect for us to see and feel the positioning of the hands, shaft and the club head. The drill starts in a perfect lag position.

Click Here To Watch The Video

In the video I am using the GolfGym Shortee Training Club and the GolfGym PowerSwing Plus. The Shortee Club is short so you can swing it anywhere and the club head is close so you can monitor the position of the club face.

Be sure to try this drill. It is easy and very effective. Go right from about 6 – 10 Reps with a split hand grip, then right into your regular grip. You will be amazed at the feeling.

Good Luck!
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