Shortee Club Pass Through Drill -Shoulder Turn

This Shortee Club Pass Through Drill will help you get the feeling of keeping your sternum behind the ball. You will also develop a much better shoulder turn. Let me explain: Two of the “Death Moves” associated with the golf swing are “Coming Over the Top” and “Early Extension” (Standing Up). Both of these moves are detrimental to a solid and reliable golf swing. Coming over the top is perhaps the most common swing flaw among high handicap golfers. it is caused by an over-dominance of the upper body on the downswing. Your right shoulder (right handed player) starts to turn first and the club is “thrown” outside of the intended swing path. Depending on the direction of the club face, this move can cause a pull (closed) or a slice (open). Early Extension is caused by starting to stand up out of your posture when approaching the impact position. The hips and pelvis start to straighten upward. This means little or no body rotation. The arms take over trying desperately to deliver the club to the ball. This Pass Through Drill will help to keep your right shoulder down and rotating. Keeping your left arm straight down and pointing to the ball. Pass the club under your left arm and extend fully. As you continue to turn, your hips should be rotating with your arm. When done properly, you will feel the complete rotation of the lower body toward the target. Be sure to stay down in your golf posture while performing this drill. Then, in order to feel full extension after impact, reach up with your left arm and grip the Shortee. Both arms should be straight while extended.
It is best to perform this drill in both directions. Swinging in the opposite direction will help to balance out the body as well as  strengthen and stretch all the muscles in the torso, hips and legs. The GolfGym Shortee Club is perfect for this drill because it is short (great for more control of the face), and it is light weight. For more information check out the videos on the Shortee Club Video Page. Thanks For Reading. Follow Us On Twitter  

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