The Golf Swing Starts From The Ground Up

I Heard About This For Many Years

For many years I have heard golf commentators and golf teachers use the phrase, “The Golf Swing Starts From The Ground Up”. You have probably heard that as well.

Frankly, I really didn’t know how to apply that knowledge to my actual golf swing. I saw video of Justin Thomas, Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy’s golf swing in slow motion. The video was on The Golf Channel one day. As I watched the three swings repeated a couple times, a light bulb appeared above my head (not really, but you get the picture).

I am always looking to create an exercise or movement pattern to help develop the muscles used in the golf swing, Therefore, I put together what I think is a simple way to get the From The Ground Up feeling in your golf swing. The video below shows what I mean.

I Got It!

I got it! I saw the way each player pushed down with their back foot into the ground while rotating their bodies toward the target. I say “bodies” because at that speed it didn’t seem that there was a sequence of hips, then midsection, then shoulders. It looked like the force down and around created a super speed rotational piston.

In the video I am using the CardioGolf Slope Fitness Platform and the GolfGym Shortee Practice Club. It helps that the Shortee Club is only 23″ in length. It can be used indoors without breaking anything or hitting the ceiling.

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You can use a piece of wood, a balance pad or a tightly rolled up towel. That way you can get the feeling of pushing down slowly while rotating around your spine. Then, when you have the correct “feeling”, start to add some speed. Not much, but just enough to ingrain that felling throughout your body. Remember, you are pushing down and around, not up.

Try This at Home!

Try this “From The Ground Up” movement pattern at home. Then take it to the range. It very likely will feel awkward in the beginning. Avoid full swings. Master the move with short punch shots to feel the movement.

Good Luck with this. In a short time you will be swinging From The Ground Up and it will feel really good.

Ken Pierce

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