Maximize Your Shoulder Turn

Every golfer knows that a good shoulder turn is critical to a good golf swing. When watching the pros swing, we amateurs can see the shoulder turns they perform (especially when their swing is shown in slow motion). However, seeing and doing are two very different animals.(That’s just a phrase. I have no idea where it originated). The “feeling” part is the real challenge.

Shoulder Turn or Lifting Up?

In the video below, I will demonstrate what I mean by shoulder turn or lifting up. I will also demonstrate a simple movement pattern/drill you can perform to FEEL the difference. This drill will also help to add more turn/rotation while strengthening the exact muscles used to rotate properly.

Using Resistance Bands

I am using the GolfGym® PowerBandz™ heavy resistance. (This can be performed with the medium resistance as well). I really like the higher resistance for this particular drill.

The reason for using the dual band is that you get the feel of resistance while having to rotate enough to feel your arm touch the other band. You must rotate completely to touch the other band. Hence…the “feeling” of a big shoulder turn.

How To Maximize Your Shoulder Turn

Check Your Hip Turn

You must turn your hips in order to rotate to the point of touching the other band. No hip turn, no full rotation.

Perform 6 – 10 repetitions on both sides. The first time you try this you will think you will need a chiropractor afterwards. Take it slowly. You may not get to touch the other band the first time out. However, keep at it. The results will be encouraging and rewarding.

Get a set of GolfGym PowerBandz™ for yourself. These are the same bands used by the PGA Tour Players in the PGA Tour Fitness Trailer.

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