Impact & Post Impact Position Strengthening Drill

I watched a video on the RX Golf Network featuring Chris Ryan demonstrating a drill to strengthen your Impact Position and Post-Impact position in your golf swing. He was using an alignment rod and a length of TheraBand resistance band.

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In the video Ryan demonstrated some specific movements that can be improved by utilizing some specific strengthening drills. In this video, GolfGym creator, Ken Pierce demonstrates that exercise/movement pattern to help you strengthen your Impact & Post-Impact Positions. He is using the GolfGym PowerSwing Trainer. Medium Resistance You can use the Light resistance if it works better. The PowerSwing Trainer is affixed to the lowest point on the PowerPole in the GolfGym Studio.

Perform At The Range Or In Your Yard

This drill can also be performed in your yard or at the practice range. All you need is the PowerSwing Trainer and an alignment rod. Inset the alignment rod into the ground on a fairly severe angle. This severe angle is so as not to allow the foot pad on the PowerSwing Trainer to roll up the alignment rod.

Get in a solid golf posture with the band parallel to your feet and target line. Take a good golf grip on the molded training grip of the PowerSwing Trainer. Start in the pre-impact position. While moving into impact and post-impact while concentrating on the Extension of the hands arms hips and full body.

Get The Feeling Of Your Body Positions

While performing all this under resistance, you will get the feeling of your body positions and your balance over your feet. Perform this drill 6-10 times. You will definitely FEEL the EXTENSION.

Good Luck with this one.
Thanks for watching!
Ken Pierce Creator


The GolfGym PowerSwing Trainer adds resistance to the Movement Pattern to develop the muscles used in the Impact Position, Post-Impact and Extension positions.

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This simple and effective strengthening exercise should be performed every other day to get the maximum benefit to your Power development.

GolfGym offers Golf Fitness Made Simple products to help in training the golfers body for more power, accuracy and consistency.

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