Take It Inside

For the majority of American golfers, the temperature is falling and so is the white stuff. Your golf clubs are nestled all snug in their beds (closet/garage), while visions of springtime dance in their heads. This means that your clubs will be ready to play come springtime…but will you? Well...Take It Inside!

We at GolfGym® have found a simple way for you to practice your golf swing through the winter, at home without scraping the ceiling or breaking a lamp.

Karen Jansen - Cardio Golf

Our good friend Karen Palacios Jansen is an LPGA Master Professional, AAFA Certified Fitness Trainer, Featured Golf Channel Teacher, and Creator of the Golf Training System, CardioGolf. Her programs and instruction have helped thousands of golfers around the world improve their fitness level and their golf performance at the same time.     www.CardioGolf.com

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The Shortee Club

We recently partnered with Karen to develop a 23” golf club called the “Shortee”.

Here are the benefits of using the Shortee at home all year round…especially in the winter.
1. The Shortee is easy to swing indoors without hitting the walls or ceilings.
2. The club head is closer to your hands, so it is easy to monitor the club face and learn how to square the face at impact.
3. Since you are not hitting balls with the short club, there is no judgement of where the ball goes, so you can work on your technique without getting frustrated.
4. The Shortee is lighter than a regular club, so you can learn to swing the club faster to develop club head speed and proper body turn.

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Because many of the GolfGym products involve using resistance cords to help develop more strength and flexibility, you can affix the PowerSWING Plus to the Shortee to do just that while monitoring your swing path and club face position. Whether you are a club champion, a weekend warrior, or a dedicated amateur, we all want to start next season with an edge. "Take It Inside"

That edge can be developed with some simple golf specific exercises and movement patterns performed in the warmth of your own home during the off season. Rouse yourself from the couch and improve your game with the help of GolfGym and CardioGolf.

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