What GolfGym Users Are Saying – Testimonials

Martin Chuck, Inventor of the Tour Striker Training Products on the GolfGym PowerSWING Plus

 Alex Fortey – AthleticGolfTraining.com

Brett Gorney, PGA Professional

 NEW Testimonial On The PowerSWING Plus

“I have used the PowerSwing Trainer for years with my clients, and loved the results it produced with added stability, strength, and mobility. The PowerSwing Plus has been a great new tool, it is very versatile and simple to use. We can attached it to any apparatus we are using to train our clients. We strap it to a weighted club for added tension when working strength, we can add it to a speed stick and work on deceleration drills, we have even used it on some cable equipment handles to help our clients feel the sensation of wrist set and lag. I would definitely recommend the PowerSwing Plus to any golfer that is looking to strengthen their golf body, or golf fitness coach that is looking for methods to help their clients. Great new product Ken!”
Mike Hansen
Hansen Fitness For Golf
Irvine, CA

Ken,Great new videos! I have been using the PS+ for 2 weeks and played this weekend. Carded my first round in the 70’s in 20 months, a 75. And that’s with a double bogey on the last hole, the result of a fat 9 iron and a fried egg sand trap lie. But more interesting was the comment from my long time playing partner of 45 years. He said that it was my best driving round in the last 3 years since I had major back surgery. He was most impressed with my distance. We are both 70 years old and have lost considerable distance over the last 5 years due to back and hip surgeries for me and a shoulder surgery for him. I was 30-40 yards longer than him when I got my sequencing right. PS + is a winner and I plan to continue practicing with it so that I can shoot my age someday soon.
Dan G.
Queensbury, NY

“I was introduced to GolfGym and their products in 2006.  My first purchase was PowerSwing Trainer.  In the last 8 years I can’t remember ever playing a round of golf without first stretching with it.  Correction:  Once I remember leaving it on the Driving Range and you would have thought I left a Scotty Cameron putter.  I called the course every day for a week hoping someone would turn it in.  They didn’t.  So ordered I another one and for the two weeks I was without it, I played like crap.  Now whether that was psychological or physical I will never know, but I haven’t lost it again.  The PowerSwing Trainer is as much a part of my golf game as nervousness on the first tee.  I love you guys”.
Eric Tracy – The Mulligan Man
Woodland Hills, CA

“Thanks Ken. Excited and looking forward to the PowerSwing Plus release. Wanted to say I really appreciated how nice you were when I ordered the replacement red band for my PowerSwing. I have checked out your website and read about your weight loss. Congrats on your tremendous accomplishment!
I am working on trying to follow your example. Following Shed Pounds to Shave Strokes and just finished tonight’s work out. I use your PowerSwing Trainer with every work out. When I am pressed for time I fit in one of your 3 minute work outs.
Keep up the great work, videos and products.
Rick Spalding
Dearborn Heights, MI

“You don’t have to give up beer. You don’t have to join a gym. You work on it for 10 minutes a day and you get fit. In just a couple of weeks I’ve noticed a big difference. I’m getting behind the ball with my left side. I thought I had been before, but I really wasn’t. I’m starting to hit the ball a lot better because of it. It’s almost too simple. There are a lot of golf training aids that golfers are embarrassed to bring to the course. Not many people want to be seen wearing special jackets or setting up elaborate devices to swing under, over or around. However, everyone stretches at least a little before they go out. Here’s a product that you can bring to the course, use and you won’t embarrass yourself.”
Tom Landers

“Ken, I enjoyed your e-book.  It was very informative.  I have been away from playing golf for two years and think your new Power Swing Trainer Plus will help me re-strengthen my golf muscles.
John​ B.

“At all of our golf fitness center locations, we rely on the PowerSwing trainer from GolfGym daily when working with our clients; it is the perfect tool for any golfer, golf fitness coach or swing coach. It fits easily in your bag so you can take it to the course or the range, use it at home, or take it to the gym. We use the PowerSwing trainer with all of our clients whether we are in the gym doing a workout or on the range getting the body ready. There is no other golf fitness product like it; you can increase the strength in the “golf muscles” more efficiently and educate those muscles on the proper movement with this simple tool.”
Mike Hansen
Hansen Fitness For Golf
Irvine, CA

“Hey, Ken. I purchased your GoldGym Weighted Club. I stretch with it 3-4 times a week. I have increased my club head speed, increased my back swing which has also caused me to better my aim. Thanks so much“.
Bill Tarin
Los Angeles, CA

“Great article!
I own and use the Power Swing Trainer daily.  As a 57 year old golfer, fitness is essential to maintain and improve my golf game”.

Thanks for the email. Just to let you know that all the students I trained in my full time group at the academy this school year that just completed June 1st used the Golf Gym. I really think this is a great product and it has really helped my students with their golf and fitness.
In May I submitted my resignation to the IMG Leadbetter Academy and my last day was June 1st. My wife and I are moving back out West to Boise ID where I have my own teaching program set up.
I am interested in learning more about the special pricing and packages program with Golf Gym for PGA professionals. I will continue to support and promote your products in my teaching and playing of this great game.
Best Regards,


“My fitness trainer (who has a 1.6 index) recommended that I purchase and use a GolfGym Powerswing. I have had two shoulder surgeries in the past and no longer lift weights. My objective was to increase my endurance and improve my golf game. The GolfGym is great device. The Master’s Edition contains a golf club training grip and 3 resistance bands (light, medium and heavy). Within 2 weeks of steady use I have noticed that my endurance has improved and I am rotating around my back leg rather than swaying. I also feel strong late in the round when I normally start getting sloppy. My index has dropped from a 12.9 to an 11.7 (and getting lower). I attribute this to the GolfGym and a walking/jogging program.
After 4 or 5 weeks of using the light (yellow) band I moved up to the medium (red) band. My workout includes a full power swing, a power turn (both feet) an external rotation (both sides) and a two-handed overhead pull. The manual includes decent diagrams for these and other exercises.
Bottom Line
Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.”
Steven – Golf Enthusiast

“I called just an hour ago and was given prompt and sincere service by Ken. A clip had broken on my red strap of my powerswing trainer. Just my word was all that was needed for Ken to send out a replacement. Thank you for being trusting, courteous and genuine. That is the way to run a business.”
Jeff W.
Union, WA

“I received it late in the season so I didn’t have a lot of time to use it. But I played twice after and the result was I hit the fairways 17-18 times, and my distance increased 25-30 yds – can’t wait for golf season to start.”
Rudolf G.
Charlotte, N.C.

“I used to use 5 lb weights and do torso twists to loosen up but the GolfGym lets you go through many more golf-related exercises such as club swing & resistance training.”
Robert, CA

“Instructions were clear and understandable, the video was excellent. The GolfGym is an excellent method for exercising.”
Bob, AZ

“Most tubing equipment does not allow for a natural feel because both handles are connected to the same piece of tubing. The PowerBandz utilizes a separate piece of durable tubing for each handle so I can go through greater range of motion with each arm and have a more natural and progressive tightening as opposed to the sudden tightening I experienced with other tubing. I take the PowerBandz with me when I travel on the PGA tour because they allow for a great variety in potential exercise movements with little room taken up in my suitcases.”
Omar Uresti
PGA Tour Player

“One of the pieces of equipment that I am excited to use in the updated PGA Tour fitness trailers is the PowerBandz and PowerSwing Trainer tubing products by Golf Gym. The fact that each handle on the tubing is independent of the other handle on the PowerBandz is an extremely important benefit that is exclusive to the Golf Gym product. My tour players won’t use another tubing product after experiencing the effectiveness and superiority of these modalities.
PGA tour coach Joey D has more than a decade of experience working with the world’s top golfers. He is now sharing his knowledge on effective golf training with the rest of us through these innovative products”.
Dr. Craig Davies
PGA Tour Coach and Golf Performance Therapist

Dear Ken,
“Last December I had 9 hours of spine surgery (L4-S1 fusion, titanium rods, screws and cages) from Dr. Srinivasan at Swedish Hospital in Seattle. Robin McClymonds at Providence Physical Therapy/Tumwater Valley – introduced me to the GolfGym. Your product has been instrumental in my rehabilitation and being able to play golf. I never thought I would ever be golfing again in my lifetime because of the extent of my spine surgery.

Last month I won my flight in the Tumwater Valley Men’s Club Championship by 7 strokes.

In part, the GolfGym has aided me immensely in my speedy recovery. I think an $80 investment (for the GolfGym PowerSwing Trainer) compared to nearly $400,000.00 of spine surgery is a no-brainer for me!”
Thank you,
Jim P
Tumwater, WA

Dear Golf Gym:
“I am writing the testimonial only because I think this is a great product and it has proven to work! I ordered the “PowerSwingTrainer” from GolfGym in May after hearing a podcast called ” Golf Smarter.” What caught my attention was the simplistic nature of the product and convience to use while on the road, traveling, e.t.c. I received my Power Swing Trainer in May of this year and within six weeks started to notice the difference in the strengthening of my core and upper body. The core strength began to show in better balance and my swing did not break down so early in my round of golf. I have gained 30 to 50 yards with my driver and on average am driving the ball 250 to 280.

“For a 60 year old man I have obtained greater flexibility with this product and can do the whole series of exercises in 15 minutes. So I can fit in the time easily in the middle of my day no matter what and have been doing these exercises 3 days a week. Then before a round of golf on the weekend I can do the flexibility exercises.
Customer service is also exceptional for when I had a problem, I email-ed and GolfGym responded within hours….Wow! Impressive.”
Thanks GolfGym.

My handicap has dropped this year from 18.9 to 16.5 since April.”
Tim K.
Carmel Valley, Calif.

“There are many aspects to improving your golf swing: strength, balance, posture, grip, and proper swing plane are the first and utmost. By far the best package for this is the GolfGym specific golf exercise program followed by a workout with the Golfgym Club. Each does a specific job. A 7 to 10 minute workout with the GolfGym tones and strengthens the muscles used in the golf swing. Follow this with a couple of exercise sets with the GolfGym Club for balance, more muscle toning, and to keep you on plane thus hitting the ball much straighter. The results are phenomenal. In a couple of weeks you will be hitting the ball farther, straighter, in balance, on plane, and with more consistency. This is truly the best golf improvement package on the market today.”
Rick Koch
Golf Professional, La Vista Falls Golf Course, La Vista, Nebraska

“As an instructor and custom club fitter, I realize the benefits that the GolfGym system offers us golfers. I have been using the GolfGym system for approximately one year, and the strength and flexibility it has given me are unbelievable. I had lost motion due to injury, but since I have been using the GolfGym products, the flexibility in the swing and lost distance on shots has returned.

“While at the recent PGA show, you had me try the “Squeasy,” and this has to be one of the best. These 11 exercises really work all areas of the arms, back, shoulders, and stomach in a very short time. This is, with the GolfGym PowerSwing Trainer, the easiest way to warm up and prepare for the up coming round. There are no heavy or bulky items to carry to the course, and your warmup is quick and complete. I would recommend all of your products, to anyone who wants to play better golf, or just get back into shape. I’ve lost eight pounds and have gained strength and flexibility. You have a winner with this system, and I recommend it to all my customers.
Thanks for making exercise easy again.”
– Gary Morris
– Custom Club Fitter

“Exactly what I was looking for — a golf-specific, portable gym. It’s perfect, every serious golfer should have this product. My game is improving dramatically. I have fewer bad shots, more consistent swings, increased distance, improved balance, strength, endurance — particularly good for lower back. Thank You!”
– Fred S.
– Merritt Island, Fla.

“As a result of illness I lost a good amount of my strength and flexibility resulting in affecting my game. The GolfGym PowerSwing Trainer Helped regain the strength and flexibility and also lengthened my drives by up to 20 yards. This is a big deal since I am over 70.”
– Frank O.
– Tenn.

“For years I’ve suffered with low back pain. The exercises on the DVD have helped me play more rounds per month. After about a month of using the GolfGym, I have more stamina. I’m making much better approach shots which have resulted in lower scores.

“I am very satisfied with the results from using the product.”
– Joe H
– Texas

“Great aid! After using it, I feel loose on the first tee and do not have to wait for the fourth or fifth tee like I feel after using other products – it helps just enough to stretch without overdoing, especially for us seniors.”
– Dean I.
– Pike Rd, Ala.

“Provides an excellent way of improving flexibility and strength with an easy to understand and use format and apparatus.”
– Robert F.
– Myrtle Beach, S.C.

“I use it daily to improve flexibility. The exercises have improved my distance and swing. I’m looking forward to reducing my handicap.”
– Terrene R.
– High Point, N.C.

“I used to use five-pound weights and do torso twists to loosen up, but the GolfGym lets me go through many more golf-related exercises such as club swing & resistance training.”
– Robert S.
– Los Angeles, Calif.

“The hand grip is more like a golf club and reinforces the fact that you are training a golf swing — other trainers are not specifically designed for golf.”
– Michael S.
– San Jose, Calif.

“Excellent warmup and conditioning tool for muscles used in the golf swing. It’s easy to use and I’m able to bring it anywhere.”
– Richard L.
– Waco, Texas

“I have better balance and awareness of my swing. My swing speed improved from 84 to 98.”
– Tom S.
– Toltec, Ariz.

“Great, easy, quick warmup device. Good device to use for conditioning when the weather does not permit golfing.”
– Jim B.
– Bogart, Ga.

“In just five weeks I noticed a marked improvement.”
– Ed M.
– W. Columbia, Texas

“The DVD alone is worth the price. Finally the golf-specific exercises that every golfer needs. Easy to use with well thought-out exercises. Very good product, great value!”
– Jimmy H.
– Roanoke RapidNC

“The DVD was easy to use and understand, the ‘foldout’ allowed for quick reminders and I was able to accomplish important excercises.”
– James M.
– Tulsa, Okla.

“The GolfGym can be used for many different exercises. Golf grip is good and feels like your are swinging a real golf club.”
– Farrell O.
– Bartlesville, Okla.

“It provides great warmup before playing and helped train my body toward a more perfect, balanced swing. I can make better contact due to better rotation which results in more distance and control.”
– Joseph J.
– Largo, Fla.

“I have been a casual golfer for more than 45 years with varying degrees of success on the course. Until recently I had suffered from a moderate fade to a severe slice. I purchased one of your GolfGym Clubs and used it to help groove my swing. I have tamed my “lazy” right elbow and have found a swing that allows me to play more often from the fairway. I have taken what I’ve learned from repetitive swings of the GolfGym Club to the tee where I now have more faith in my driving game. I’ve learned that golf is more fun when you’re playing from the “short” grass rather than from behind the trees! Thanks.”
– Brad King
– Sioux City, IA

“I recently broke an ankle (falling out of a golf cart!). During the lengthy physio sessions that have followed at the aptly named Gleneagles hospital here in KL, I’ve been using the GolfGym PowerSwing Trainer as part of my supervised rehab. Its great fun and so easy to use and it’s meant that I can improve my grip and golf fitness and strengthen my golf muscles even while incapacitated. I’m looking forward to even better golf than before my injury, and to keeping GolfGym in my bag (and one at the office too!) as a regular fitness aid in the future.”
– Dave Mew
– Diplomat, Kuala Lumpur

“A physical therapist colleague of mine was using the GOLFGYM on his patients with golf injuries and was experiencing great success so I decided to give it a try. The GOLFGYM is very specific in terms of strengthening and helps patients improve their game at the same time.”
– Dr. Frank Storts
– California

“I teach my players that stretching and strengthening muscles are essential if they want to achieve longevity. The GOLFGYM PowerSwing Trainer has become an integral part of my teaching program as it facilitates golf-specific exercises in an easy-to-use format. Every time I put one in a student’s hands he says, ‘Wow! I can really feel it working.'”
– Dr. David Wright
– Founder, Wright Balance Golf Schools, a Golf Magazine Top 25 Golf School
– Senior instruction editor for Golf Tips magazine
– Named “Teacher of the Year” by the Southern California PGA
– Named one of the top 10 teachers in California by Golf Digest

“The GOLFGYM allows users to have fun and is so compact and portable, it can be used anywhere to simulate the motion and ‘feel’ of a golf swing. Other products simply aren’t as effective.”
– Darin Madole – Founder, Balanced Health, Inc.
– NSCA-Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
– Certified Athletic Trainer/Ergonomics Specialists

“The GOLFGYM has become an essential part of our overall program. It provides added resistance and strength training to the exact muscles used in the golf swing and allows movement through a full range of motion.”
– Paul Callaway
– Founder, Body Balance for Performance
– Director of Physical Therapy, PGA Tour (1985-1988)