*A GolfGym PowerSwing Trainer – Personal Edition


The GolfGym PowerSwing Trainer Strengthens all of the Golf Specific Muscles in Your Swing. It is Easy to Use and IT WORKS in just 3 minutes a day.    SEE THE 3 MINUTE WORKOUTS!



The GolfGym PowerSwing Trainer will help you to:

Develop a More Powerful Golf Swing! Add Distance and Power!
Easy to Use at Home, While Traveling or at the Practice Range!

In the above video from 1995, Gary Player demonstrates the proper use of the PowerSwing Trainer
and the benefits that can be derived from regular use.

GolfGym PowerSwing Trainer Personal Edition is a complete training kit containing a Right Handed Training Grip or Straight Grip with Personal Resistance PowerCord, instruction booklet, and carry bag. This is designed for the golfer looking for the finest in golf-specific training and conditioning for use in-season and off-season.

Training Videos are available at: https://golfgym.com/power-swing-videos/

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Available with your choice of:

  • Right Handed Training Grip
  • Straight Grip
  • Light/lowest resistance
  • Medium/standard resistance
  • Heavy/strongest resistance

Unsure which resistance cord to order? Click Here!

Here is what golfers who use the PowerSwing Trainer are saying:

I own and use the PowerSwing Trainer daily.  As a 57 year old golfer, fitness is essential to maintain and improve my golf game”.
– Walt

“My fitness trainer (who has a 1.6 index) recommended that I purchase and use a GolfGym Powerswing. I have had two shoulder surgeries in the past and no longer lift weights. My objective was to increase my endurance and improve my golf game. The GolfGym is great device. The Master’s Edition contains a golf club training grip and 3 resistance bands (light, medium and heavy). Within 2 weeks of steady use I have noticed that my endurance has improved and I am rotating around my back leg rather than swaying. I also feel strong late in the round when I normally start getting sloppy. My index has dropped from a 12.9 to an 11.7 (and getting lower). I attribute this to the GolfGym and a walking/jogging program.
After 4 or 5 weeks of using the light (yellow) band I moved up to the medium (red) band. My workout includes a full power swing, a power turn (both feet) an external rotation (both sides) and a two-handed overhead pull. The manual includes decent diagrams for these and other exercises.
Bottom Line
Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.”
– Steven – Golf Enthusiast
– Georgia

“I heard you say you’d lost a bunch of weight… congratulations… I too was > 300 (actually close to 320) … had a knee replacement in 2013 and am gradually getting back to my pre-knee golf performance… your videos and equipment are helping me… now down more than 40 lbs… and my tendency is to get bored… was working with a trainer for a while and now am on my own… trying out your workouts after 20 – 30 minutes on treadmill or elliptical…”
Good Stuff…
Dave B.
-Riverside, CA

“I received it late in the season so I didn’t have a lot of time to use it. But I played twice after and the result was I hit the fairways 17-18 times, and my distance increased 25-30 yds – can’t wait for golf season to start.”
– Rudolf G.
– Charlotte, N.C.

“I used to use 5 lb weights and do torso twists to loosen up but the GolfGym lets you go through many more golf-related exercises such as club swing & resistance training.”
Robert, CA

“Instructions were clear and understandable, the video was excellent. The GolfGym is an excellent method for exercising.”
Bob, AZ

The GolfGym PowerSwing Trainers are approved for use on
all the PGA Tour Fitness Trailers.