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The GolfGym PowerSWING Plus easily attaches to any standard golf grip. Teaches the “Feel” of Your Golf Swing. Eliminates “Casting” and “Over the Top”.  Add Power and Distance.  Helps You Practice More Efficiently.  Receive Immediate Feedback.


Turn Your DRIVER Into A
Power Swing System with the
PowerSWING Plus:

– GolfGym PowerSWING Plus Attaches Easily to Any Standard Golf Grip
– Teaches the “Feel” of Your Golf Swing
– Eliminates “Casting” and “Over the Top”
– Will Help To Add Power and Distance
– Helps You Practice More Efficiently
– You Receive Immediate Feedback


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Teachers, Trainers and Coaches

– Swing Assessment Tool For Beginning Golfer to Low Handicappers
– Teaches the “FEEL” of Golf Swing Sequence
– Helps Develop Consistent Motor Skills
– Creates More Consistent Ball Striking Through Repetition Under Resistance
– You Can’t Replicate the Entire Golf Swing On Any Piece of Equipment In The Gym. You Can With The PowerSwing Plus.

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“I really like the new PowerSwing Plus Trainer. Easy to use, and putting it on the student’s club makes for an easy transition from drill to actual swing”.
Rick Sessinghaus
Golf’s Mental Coach
Author: Golf: The Ultimate Mind Game
New Editor, Golf Tips Magazine

“I have used the PowerSwing Trainer for years with my clients, and loved the results it produced with added stability, strength, and mobility. The PowerSwing Plus has been a great new tool, it is very versatile and simple to use. We can attached it to any apparatus we are using to train our clients. We strap it to a weighted club for added tension when working strength, we can add it to a speed stick and work on deceleration drills, we have even used it on some cable equipment handles to help our clients feel the sensation of wrist set and lag. I would definitely recommend the PowerSwing Plus to any golfer that is looking to strengthen their golf body, or golf fitness coach that is looking for methods to help their clients. Great new product Ken!”
Mike Hansen
Hansen Fitness For Golf
Irvine, CA

Great new videos! I have been using the PowerSwing Plus for 2 weeks and played this weekend. Carded my first round in the 70’s in 20 months, a 75. And that’s with a double bogey on the last hole, the result of a fat 9 iron and a fried egg sand trap lie. But more interesting was the comment from my long time playing partner of 45 years. He said that it was my best driving round in the last 3 years since I had major back surgery. He was most impressed with my distance. We are both 70 years old and have lost considerable distance over the last 5 years due to back and hip surgeries for me and a shoulder surgery for him. I was 30-40 yards longer than him when I got my sequencing right. PS + is a winner and I plan to continue practicing with it so that I can shoot my age someday soon.
Dan G.

“Ken, I received my PowerSwing Plus today and used it to warm up with on the practice range. It was fantastic and I like it better than the PowerSwing Trainer. I have a question: I have red, yellow, and green bands from my PowerSwing Trainer; are they usable on the Plus? I didn¹t want to tear my new asset apart till I asked you. I can see a time when I¹d like to increase the resistance using my own club and the Plus rather than the PowerSwing Trainer. It¹d be really great if the bands fit the Plus. I see using the PowerSwing Trainer indoors, as usual, and not putting in some obscure corner of my closet. The two tools seem to complement each other.  A very satisfied customer.”
Dick B.
Stuart, Florida

More Testimonials

“In March, 2014, Ken at GolfGym, Stuart, Florida agreed to provide me with an advance issuance of a training aid known as the GolfGym PowerSwing Plus.  My issue was I had a slight over the top swing which resulted in pulls to the left of the green and fairways.  About 25 years ago I read the book by Ben Hogan called Five Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf.  Mr Hogan spoke of dropping your hands into the hitting area.  I thought I knew what Mr Hogan was talking about only to find out that I had not put this concept into practice.  This training device has now clearly demonstrated to me what is meant by dropping your hands into the hitting area.  The result to this point although early in the golf season in the northeast,  I have begun to hit the ball as solidly as I ever had in my 50 years of golf.  

I am now hitting the golf ball much more consistently in play with much more power. I no longer have the fear of snap hooking shots that have been my problem for years.  This training device puts your swing on the proper plane which allows the club face to come through the ball square to the target line.  My last 3 scores speak for themselves.  I ended the 2013 golf season with an 11 handicap.  To date this golf season my last 3 scores under tournament conditions are 79, 78 and 74.  

Don’t make the mistake that I made over the past 50 years of golf, that is playing with a flawed swing which resulted in scrambling golf. Consider the purchase of the GolfGym PowerSwing Plus and bring your golf game to a new level.”
Curt R
Manchester, CT

“I have been using the GolfGym PowerSwing Plus for about 10 days now and I am seeing results right away. One of the great things is that the unit helps to pull me into the slot. I have been casting for over 30 years and the PowerSwing Plus won’t allow me to cast.

It’s amazing. It puts me in the right position at the top and after a few swings, I have a strong follow through, not sloppy like it used to be. I think it is a wonderful tool for any golfer who struggles with casting or over the top.

I have the PowerSwing Trainer which I use when I can’t swing a club, but this unit on the club is really fantastic. Thanks Ken for inventing this tool.”
Bill G.
Troy, OH