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The GolfGym Balance Ball is used to develop better posture, flexibility, rotation and core strength in your golf swing. It is a “Must Have” in any personal fitness program.


The GolfGym Balance Ball is a proven, time-tested fitness tool designed to help any golfer improve core strength, flexibility, posture and balance. The GolfGym Balance Ball package consists of a 55cm or 65cm, two ply, non-burst, high quality Balance Ball and Quick Start User Manual.

55cm and 65cm Balance Balls Available

  • Improves flexibility and strength
  • Increases core conditioning
  • Enhances posture
  • Improves balance

Balance Ball Manual

Balance Ball Instruction Sheet

The GolfGym Balance Ball is used to develop better posture, flexibility, rotation and core strength in your golf swing. It is a “must have” in any personal fitness program.  SEE BALANCE BALL VIDEOS HERE!

Inflating the GolfGym® Balance Ball

Remove the ball from its packaging. Spread it out flat on the floor or the table. Do not be concerned about the fold marks. This is normal and they will disappear. Allow the ball to come to room temperature before inflating.

Once the Balance Ball is at room temperature, remove the white plug. Insert a hand pump and begin pumping or you can use an air compressor, just make sure not do not over inflate. Use the pump or compressor to attain the maximum height.

The Balance Ball’s maximum diameter, or height off the floor, is what you inflate to, not pressure. You will be inflating your 65cm ball to 25” in diameter. Inflate your 55cm ball to 21” in diameter.

When you reach the maximum height, remove the pump and quickly insert the white plug you removed previously. Now, sit on the ball. Is it comfortable? Are your legs and hips at about a 90 degree angle at your knees? If so, you are done. If not, add more air, but do not over inflate.

Remember to check you Balance Ball over the next days to see if it needs more air. Softness in the ball is normal and due to the expanding of the material. Add more air if needed.

Balance Ball Care
Use common sense in caring for your Balance Ball. Avoid sharp objects and use indoors away from any heat sources. Keep it clean with soap and water and remember the material can be stained by ink and harsh or abrasive chemicals.

From a Satisfied Customer:
“I heard you say you’d lost a bunch of weight… congratulations… I too was > 300 (actually close to 320) … had a knee replacement in 2013 and am gradually getting back to my pre-knee golf performance… your videos and equipment are helping me… now down more than 40 lbs… and my tendency is to get bored… was working with a trainer for a while and now am on my own… trying out your workouts after 20 – 30 minutes on treadmill or elliptical…”
Good Stuff…
Dave B.
-Riverside, CA