PowerSWING Plus Videos

Thank You for your purchase of the GolfGym
PowerSWING Plus.

The GolfGym PowerSWING Plus utilizes the same resistance training as the GolfGym PowerSwing Trainer, but now you can get the expanded benefit of using your own driver to train your golf swing muscles in the exact manner that you will use while swinging your club. You will develop More Power, More Consistency, More Balance and overall a More Solid Golf Swing.

PowerSWING Plus Videos

Just wanted to write and tell you, your GolfGym PowerSWING Plus saved my golf swing! Last year I told myself was giving up the game of golf because of my consistent over the top swing and early release, with results of topping, shaking the ball etc. Is my golf swing perfect? No it’s not, but I am consistently hitting the ball and getting the ball airborne! The people I golf with on a regular basis are amazed at the transformation that my golf swing has taken.

I am embarrassed to say how many golf training devices I have bought over the past decade, but your device truly works if you practice at it. I am recommending your product to everybody that has an issue with over-the-top swing!

I use the PowerSWING Plug every day/20 min, current driving average 270’s with a SLIGHT fade.

Thank you again!

Arnie K., Livonia, MI
Age 53 Plays Twice a week