Develop Power And Distance

Develop More Power And Distance!

Eliminate the 3 “Death Moves” from your swing
and create More Power and Distance.

In this video, Golf Teaching Pro and Coach Arlen Bento, Jr. and Ken Pierce demonstrate the 3 “Death Moves” in your golf swing that will absolutely Kill your Power and Distance.

In this next video, Arlen and Ken show you how to Eliminate the Killer Moves by using the GolfGym PowerSwing Trainer. Then, Arlen teaches Ken “The Move” that incorporates the firing of the hips and hip rotation.

This move is one that, if done regularly, will definitely increase your Power which will definitely increase your Distance.

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Adding Power to your golf swing incorporates many muscles that are engaged during the golf swing. Speed is also a huge component to adding distance. The more speed in your swing the more distance you will achieve. Every mile per hour added to your golf swing equates to approximately 4 yards in distance.