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The PowerSwing Trainer is being used by Golfers and Coaches in
hundreds of Golf Teaching Academies around the world.
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“At all of our golf fitness center locations, we rely on the PowerSwing trainer from GolfGym daily when working with our clients; it is the perfect tool for any golfer, golf fitness coach or swing coach. It fits easily in your bag so you can take it to the course or the range, use it at home, or take it to the gym. We use the PowerSwing trainer with all of our clients whether we are in the gym doing a workout or on the range getting the body ready. There is no other golf fitness product like it; you can increase the strength in the “golf muscles” more efficiently and educate those muscles on the proper movement with this simple tool.”
Mike Hansen
Hansen Fitness For Golf
Irvine, CA

“My fitness trainer (who has a 1.6 index) recommended that I purchase and use a GolfGym Powerswing. I have had two shoulder surgeries in the past and no longer lift weights. My objective was to increase my endurance and improve my golf game. The GolfGym is great device. The Master’s Edition contains a golf club training grip and 3 resistance bands (light, medium and heavy). Within 2 weeks of steady use I have noticed that my endurance has improved and I am rotating around my back leg rather than swaying. I also feel strong late in the round when I normally start getting sloppy. My index has dropped from a 12.9 to an 11.7 (and getting lower). I attribute this to the GolfGym and a walking/jogging program.
After 4 or 5 weeks of using the light (yellow) band I moved up to the medium (red) band. My workout includes a full power swing, a power turn (both feet) an external rotation (both sides) and a two-handed overhead pull. The manual includes decent diagrams for these and other exercises.
Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.”
– Steven – Golf Enthusiast
– Georgia

“One of the pieces of equipment that I am excited to use in the updated PGA Tour fitness trailers is the PowerBandz and PowerSwing Trainer tubing products by Golf Gym. The fact that each handle on the tubing is independent of the other handle on the PowerBandz is an extremely important benefit that is exclusive to the Golf Gym product. My tour players won’t use another tubing product after experiencing the effectiveness and superiority of these modalities.
Dr. Craig Davies
PGA Tour Coach and Golf Performance Therapist

“Exactly what I was looking for — a golf-specific, portable gym. It’s perfect, every serious golfer should have this product. My game is improving dramatically. I have fewer bad shots, more consistent swings, increased distance, improved balance, strength, endurance — particularly good for lower back. Thank You!”
– Fred S.
– Merritt Island, Fla.

“As a result of illness I lost a good amount of my strength and flexibility resulting in affecting my game. The GolfGym PowerSwing Trainer Helped regain the strength and flexibility and also lengthened my drives by up to 20 yards. This is a big deal since I am over 70.”
– Frank O.
– Tenn.

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