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Golf Gift Center,GolfGym,PowerSwing Trainer,Golf Swing Trainer
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Golf Gift Center,GolfGym PowerSwing Trainer,Masters Training,Masters,GolfGym
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This GolfGym Golf Gift Center contains the most Popular GolfGym products. They include the newest product. It is the GolfGym PowerSWING Plus. This unit affixes to your Driver to turn it into a golf swing training machine. It will help golfers stop coming over the top, stop casting and develop the motor pattern memory to help you with a consistent and repeatable golf swing.

The Golf Gift Center also offers the GolfGym PowerSwing Trainer is our Flagship product. Created in 1986, the PowerSwing Trainer is the best golf swing training product in the world. You can perform several exercises to strengthen your swing, warm up prior to a golf round, or perform a serious workout with this one tool.  It can be affixed to a door with a simple door attachment, or it can be used with one foot on the foam pad to perform a series of golf specific exercises.

The Orange Whip Trainer is the #1 Swing Training & Teaching Aid used by over 180 Tour Professionals on the PGA, LPGA & Tours, as well as thousands of recreational golfers worldwide. The GolfGym PowerSWING Plus is the NEWEST in the PowerSwing Product Line. It turns your Driver into a Swing Training Machine and doubles the effectiveness of the Orange Whip Trainer. The Orange Whip and the PowerSWING Plus are a perfect combination to help you develop golf strength, a smooth tempo, maximize distance and a more consistent golf swing.

The Masters Edition of the PowerSwing Trainer is the most versatile of the PowerSwing Trainers. It comes with 3 different resistance PowerCords, Light, Medium and Heavy. They are interchangeable on the ProPerfect molded training grip. The great part about the PowerSwing Trainers is that they can fit easily into any golf bag to be able to be used at the range or on the course to stretch or warm up.

Check out the videos that accompany every product. There are 3 minute workouts along with instructional videos. You can also see more of our videos on YouTube at: