PowerSwing Resistance Information

As with any fitness and conditioning program, there are two important points to keep in mind when using the PowerSwing Trainer:
1) choose the right resistance for the muscles you want to work and
2) know your current physical condition and strength objectives.
For example, individuals just beginning a conditioning program or coming out of rehab will want to start at a lower resistance level. Likewise, you probably would not be able to effectively complete certain exercises at higher resistance levels. The guiding advice is to choose the correct resistance levels and exercises to work your muscles effectively and to avoid injuries. Based on our 25 years of selling the PowerSwing Trainer we can share a few guidelines:


  • Works smaller muscle groups
  • “Young” or “less active” muscles
  • Recovering muscles
  • Juniors
  • Women
  • Seniors
  • Rehab patients
  • Individuals just beginning a exercise program
  • All-around resistance level
  • Most muscle groups
  • Key golf muscles
  • Most currently “in shape” men and women
  • Light resistance users who want to work larger muscles
  • Developing strength in large muscle groups
  • When medium resistance is no longer challenging
  • Stronger men
  • Women who find the medium resistance less effective

GolfGym PowerSwing Trainer Editions

The Masters Edition comes with all three PowerCord resistance levels-light, medium and heavy. People in doubt about which one to choose often buy the Masters Edition. Perhaps you are starting out and plan to get more fit over time. Or you plan to share your PowerSwing Trainer. Either way you’ll have the correct resistance PowerCord for any exercise, or any conditioned golfer.