You Must Swing Your Swing!

Do You Swing Your Swing?

Swing Your Swing
“Have you ever seen that commercial that carried the voice of Mr. Arnold Palmer, “The King”. It was for Dick’s Sporting Goods. Mr. Palmer, said, Swing Your Swing. Not someone else’s. Not the one you wish you had. No, swing your swing…..I did”. A video clip of his swing from the 1960’s demonstrated that he certainly dis Swing His Swing.

Talking about swinging his own swing, Bubba Watson was definitely swinging his own golf swing from the day he started playing. His swing isn’t what any of us would call conventional, but is did help him win the Masters for a second time.
Swing Your Swing
Every golfer has a unique swing. Every golfer also has a unique way of approaching the game and the way their swing affects their score. Every professional golfer has spent years practicing, improving and tweaking their swing to win tournaments and earn an great living doing what they love.

It is doubtful that you or I will ever win a professional tournament, nor earn large sums of money playing golf. Therefore, our dedication, commitment to practicing, and repeating our swing has to come from wanting to play better and enjoying the game more. I think that if you enjoy the game more, you will play better. Don’t you perform better, when you enjoy what you are doing?

By the way, Mr. Palmer did say “Swing Your Swing”.  He didn’t say “Hit That Ball”.

I while back I did a blog post on “Do You Swing The Club…or Hit The Ball?” During my research, I found this amusing video with some helpful tips to practice no matter how you swing the club. The emphasis is on the Swing….Not on hitting the ball.  What about you…do you hit the ball or swing the club?”

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