You Don’t Have To Give Up Beer!

“You don’t have to give up beer. You don’t have to join a gym. You work on it for 10 minutes a day and you get fit. In just a couple of weeks I’ve noticed a big difference. I’m getting behind the ball with my left side. I thought I had been before, but I really wasn’t. I’m starting to hit the ball a lot better because of it. It’s almost too simple. There are a lot of golf training aids that golfers are embarrassed to bring to the course. Not many people want to be seen wearing special jackets or setting up elaborate devices to swing under, over or around. However, everyone stretches at least a little before they go out. Here’s a product that you can bring to the course, use and you won’t embarrass yourself.”
– Tom L
– Connecticut

Tom is talking about the GolfGym PowerSwing Trainer.  Tom is a very good golfer and understands that it does take a little effort on your part if you want to get your body swinging the club better, but it doesn’t have to include a life changing diet and fitness program….unless you want it to.

You can use the PowerSwing Trainer as a simple warm up & stretching tool before every round, or you can use it to do a complete golf specific workout that will get your heart rate up and dampen your shirt.

In this video from 1995, Gary Player demonstrates the proper use of the PowerSwing Trainer and the benefits that can be derived from regular use.

To get a complete overview of the PowerSwing Trainer Click Here to view the many videos.

One Coors Light Please.


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