What I Learned About Golf At The Ice Rink

Ice Hockey and Golf?

In this Video Blog, I talk about my experience playing ice hockey at the Ice Rink in West Palm Beach Florida early on a Sunday morning and what it taught me about my golf game…and, if you think like I did….you should change that thinking about your golf game.

Let me explain. I spent about 25 years of my life involved in ice hockey as a player, then as a referee (professionally for 9 years), then back to playing in my later years. However, I hadn’t played in about 2 years.

This past Sunday morning I pulled out my old hockey bag, grabbed my hockey sticks and headed to the Ice Works rink in West Palm Beach, Florida for an hour and fifteen minutes of “Stick and Puck” time. I laced up my skates, which I hadn’t touched in 2 years or so, and stepped onto the ice. I hadn’t even checked the edges on my skates…and felt like a character in a cartoon with my skates sliding everywhere and no control whatsoever. I quickly turned around (gingerly), got off the ice, took off my skates and had them sharpened. In my professional days, I would have never stepped onto the ice without checking the edges on the most important piece of equipment required for skating.

I got back on the ice with freshly sharpened skates and started to have FUN. However, after 2 years of not skating…my non-skating, non-conditioned legs showed up and it was not as much FUN as I had anticipated. I felt wobbly which made me very frustrated.

There were 2 other guys on the ice whom I had known from 2 years ago when I was a regular there at the rink. I started to tell them that I hadn’t skated in 2 years and how wobbly I felt and, “Holy Cow…it’s terrible to get old” and Blah, Blah, Blah. Like they gave on rats butt about me and my internal struggles with my lack of confidence, or that they even noticed.  I felt as though I had to let them know that this was an aberration…that I really did know how skate…It just didn’t look that way right now.

Golfers, does this sound familiar? Stepping up to the first tee box with strangers, and having to tell them how long it has been since you played and how your equipment is not the best and Blah, Blah, Blah!! It comes from a very insecure spot in us that tries to help us avoid being embarrassed.  On the golf course, it may come out as getting angry after a shot that you miss terribly, or even blaming the golf clubs.  Thinking and acting this way is actually setting yourself up for failure. By telling everyone that I am probably going to play like crap, I am hoping that they will give me a pass when I do. Frankly, they couldn’t care less about me or my “stuff”. It will serve all of us much better if we stop making excuses and just get out there and have fun.Play as well as we can, but simply have fun.

As my legs came back, sort of, I really started to enjoy myself and will definitely go back for more.  That too is a lot like golf.

Very Important…remember to check your equipment before getting to the first tee.

On a side note, to help your overall mental attitude and conditioning, try to engage in other fun activities or sports to challenge your mind and your body. Throw a baseball around with your kids. Play some touch football with your buddies (be sue to warm up those muscles first). Try bowling or tennis. Heck…try ice skating or hockey. Your mind and your body will appreciate the added challenges.

Thanks for reading.
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