“Toe Drill” Swing Tip from Arlen Bento, Jr.

The video below demonstrates a simple and fun drill to help you “Feel” your golf swing moving from a short takeaway to a strong follow through. This unique drill was designed by Arlen Bento, Jr. many years ago and he has used it to help new golfers as well as those of us who have been playing golf for most of our lives.

The drill is easy to do, but takes some concentration and may need a few “tries” to get the correct feel. This will help with balance, body movement, club position at impact and getting to your finished potition. We use a golf club, then the PowerSwing Trainer (for resistance). This drill can really help to build a strong base for your complete swing and a great ball striking platform.

Go ahead and watch the video, have fun and “feel” the results. By the way, this was my first time doing the exercise/drill and it was fun.

This drill is easy to do at home or on the range.  Give it a try and you will see what I mean about being a little bit of a challenge with a good feeling outcome.

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