Trash Talking About The Treadmill


There is a debate going on in the “Fitness Community” about “cardio” exercising versus, weight training and the newest technique called HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training).

Some experts are claiming the doing lots of cardio (like walking or running on a treadmill) is not efficient and generally a waste of time.  Even today our very good friend Chris Henning posted a question on our Facebook page: Agree or disagree? People do cardio because it is mindless. It is much harder (mentally) – yet more effective – to follow a resistance and interval training workout.

Chris…I disagree with the premise of the question. You assume that cardio in mindless and state that’s why people do it.  So I disagree with that part.  However, I agree that it is much harder and more effective to follow a resistance training workout.  So there!

Truthfully, I like the treadmill to warm up while listening to inspirational and motivational speakers who fill my mind with good thoughts and great ideas.  I don’t know where the mindless part come in…except for maybe the people who hang on to the side rails while reading a People Magazine article on how Kim and Kanyay (I don’t know how to spell the man’s name) came up with the name of their new baby.  That could be considered mindless.

I perform my really great shoulder warm up on the treadmill and do some HIIT with 20 seconds of running at 7.5mph, hop off to the side for 10 seconds and back on it for 6 repetitions. I get my heart rate up pretty well in that 3 minutes.

If you are talking about someone who does 60 minutes of walking and reading at a slow pace…I agree that it is not be as beneficial as weight training, but I don’t think those folks really care about that.

That’s it for this one.

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