Tighten The Bolts In Your Golf Swing

Iron Byron  – “An electro-mechanical machine used by the United States Golf Association to test golf clubs and golf balls for conformity to standards”.
As a golfer, you have probably seen this machine (named after the legendary Byron Nelson) on television being used at different facilities to test golf balls and clubs for any number of statistics…or maybe in a commercial to explain how a particular ball is better or longer than their competitors.However, I want to use it to explain something you might not have considered. Take a good look at the machine. It is built with a perfectly solid base, It has levers and bearings and bolts that are secure so as not to allow for the slightest variance in the consistency of the golf swing it produces. The mechanical arm holds the club perfectly and the motor is calibrated to produce the exact club head speed needed for an incredibly repeatable golf swing.

What if we were to loosen a few of the bolts, never lubricate the bearings and work the motor until it overheats and begins to swing slower and sporadically? How effective would the Old Byron be? You guessed it…it would be ineffective at performing a repeatable and consistent golf swing.You probably also guessed that I was using that example to make the analogy to your own body and your own golf swing. As we age, our bolts start to loosen, our bearings aren’t as lubricated as the were when young, and many of our motors haven’t gotten the proper exercise and rest to be calibrated to create and repeat a consistent golf swing. This is true for many golfers…..but it doesn’t have to be.

Many of us look at the Golf Fitness Movement as a “craze” that can’t be good for a golfer in the long run. The thing is…that’s exactly what it is good for…the long run. Performing exercises, drills and proper movement patterns, doesn’t dry our the bearings…it naturally lubricates them. Exercising doesn’t make the motor slow down, it actually helps the motor speed up. Strengthening all of the tiny stabilizing muscles (with resistance training) will help to tighten the bolts in our bodies (metaphorically speaking).

For those of you who are noticing loose bolts and a shaky base in your golf swing, I recommend getting started…even if it is slowly…but get started with some kind of exercise routine.  We have put together some 3 minute exercise routines that will help you do just that. If you can get yourself moving for just 3 minutes a day, it will start to show up on the golf course. Below is just one of the routines that I think will get your motor running and even get a little grease into those joints.  Have fun with these.


Vicki and I Believe That If You Play Better, You Will Enjoy The Game More, And If You Enjoy The Game More, You Will Play Better!

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