Three Steps To More Power In Your Golf Swing

Golfers are always talking about needing more power in their golf swing.  Power and Golf are words generally related to Tour Pros like Tiger Woods, Dustin Johnson, Rory McIlroy, Bubba Watson and so on. I know I left out about 50 other golfers, but you get my point.

I wrote a blog post titled “You Don’t Have Power – You Generate It” where I get a little more descriptive about the fact that our muscles (many people use the term body) swing the golf club.  Just as Power Plants generate power using nuclear, flowing water and steam, our muscles must be stronger and faster to generate more power to the club head and the ball.  Poor posture, poor stability and less than strong muscles will cause inconsistency and instability in your golf swing which leads to poor play and poor scoring…..and incredible frustration.

I saw this Three Step Drill on Facebook. It was presented by Zach Allen on the American Golf Association Facebook Page.  I added a dimension of resistance to the Three Step Drill by using the PowerSWING Plus attached to his driver.  This simple drill will help golfers get the feel of a great wrist hinge and the upper body rotation, as well as the strengthening rewards of the added resistance.

I invented The GolfGym PowerSWING Plus as a tool to enhance nearly every drill you can perform with a golf club. Because your MUSCLES swing the club, doesn’t it make sense to build those muscles in the exact motion used in the golf swing?

This video demonstrates the drill.  Try it even without the assistance of the PowerSWING Plus.

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