The Ultimate Anti Rotation Drills For Golfers

The term Anti-Rotation as related to golf doesn’t really make sense since golf is a totally rotational sport. Actually, that’s the point. Because golf is such a rotational sport we must think about strengthening the muscles that stabilize and support our spine so that the rotation doesn’t cause injury.

When we start to swing a golf club at a high rate of speed (some golfers have a higher rate than others) our brain has a built in sensor that tells the body to slow down or “brake” if it thinks the rotation will cause injury to our spine.

Additionally, because golf is a one directional swing sport, our body, after time, develops the muscles more on one side than the other to, again, support the movement and not injure the spine.

Anti-Rotation drills or exercises help to develop or build strength in the core, obliques and all the other stabilizing muscles that keep us upright. The drills are done with resistance, whether with bands or cables on a machine. They are designed to work the opposing muscles to the side on which we are swinging. However, these drills/exercises are effective because we don’t rotate while performing them. Hence the term Anti-Rotation Drills.

Below are three examples of Anti-Rotation drills that are simple to perform and if done consistently will help your body get stronger and be able to “brake” faster as your swing speed increases.

The first one is called the Pallof Press. It will be clear as to why when you watch the video. The second is a variation to the Paloff Press and the third video is what I think might just be the ultimate Anti-Rotation drill I’ve ever seen. I guess that’s because I created it.

Paloff Press,Anti-Rotational Drill,Anti-Rotation,GolfGym,PowerHip Trainer
GolfGym,Anti-Rotation Drill,PowerHip Trainer,Golf Swing Strength
Ultimate Anti-Rotaion Drill,Anti-Rotation,Paloff Press,PowerHip Trainer

These drills should be added to your golf fitness routine. Start with light resistance. As you get stronger, use a heavier resistance to for more results. Good Luck with this one. You will feel it working after the first set.

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Ken Pierce

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