The Presidents Cup – A Great Divide!

The Presidents Cup – A Great Divide!

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The Presidents Cup is being contested in a country very far from the USA, South Korea. This is the first significant men’s golf tournament ever to be held in that country. Interestingly, men’s golf in Korea is totally overshadowed by the women’s performance on the course. That’s not the Great Divide I am talking about.

The separation in miles and time is over 6,500 miles and a little over 1/2 day from our eastern shore. But, that’s not the Great Divide I will discuss here.

The Great Divide I am talking about is the Grand Canyon like chasm in the ability and performance by the professional golfers on both teams, and the ability and performance of we amateurs. As amateurs, we watch in awe as these professionals strike shots within a few feet of where they planned, drop putts from 30 feet that bend like a roller coaster, and keep focused with thousands of spectators breathing down their necks, and millions more watching on television.  Then add in that they are playing for their respective Countries.  No pressure there!

How is it that they can handle all of that, and we step up to the first tee with 3 of our friends, and have a tough time teeing up the ball?  The Great Divide is preparation and commitment.

If you are a scratch or low handicap golfer, you know of what I speak. Your commitment to preparation is different from we average weekend golfers.  BUT, there is no difference in our desire to play better every time we step on to a golf course.

As you watch the Presidents Cup and cheer for your specific team, remember that they have committed their entire lives, up to this point (some much shorter than others), to be where they are…stepping onto the first tee and hearing, “Representing the United States (Korea, Australia, India, Thailand) add the name”.

Take some time this week to swing your driver 20 times in your back yard, or head to the range to practice some chip shots or putting, or do a few squats to get your legs stronger for more stability. You may not have been able to commit your entire life to playing golf, but you can certainly commit to a few minutes a week improving your performance. You will enjoy the game much more.

Good Luck to both teams and all the players.

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