“Swing Your Swing” – Arnold Palmer

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“Swing Your Swing” “Not Some Idea of A Swing” “Not A Swing You Saw On TV” “Not That Swing You Wish You Had” “No! Swing Your Swing” “Capable of Greatness, Prized Only By You” “Perfect In Its Imperfection” “Swing Your Swing” “I Know I Did!” Arnold Palmer   In 2013 Dick’s Sporting Goods aired a commercial that showed a series of video clips. Golfers, young and old, woman and men were shown highlighting their individual golf swings. With dramatic music in the background, Arnold Palmer’s voice came on softly speaking the phrases quoted above beginning with “Swing Your Swing”. The video concluded with some footage from Mr. Palmer in his prime, striking a golf ball with that golf swing that was his and his alone. Mr. Palmer ended with the words, “I Know I Did”.   In an age when there was no Trackman, FlightScope, TPI, metal woods, hybrid golf clubs, SuperStroke putting grips or ProV1 golf balls, Arnold Palmer had to rely solely on a golf swing that was consistent and repeatable.   In the days when Mr. Palmer was in his prime, golf fitness was an oxymoron. Golfers smoked, didn’t take “fitness” seriously (except for Gary Player) and loved playing the 19th hole regularly. They did, however, have the natural ability to connect a persimmon head driver to a balata ball and carry it 300 yards.   I was In Awe In 1985 I invented a resistance based golf swing training aid called the GolfGym. We travelled to Portland, Oregon to display our new product in a booth at the Fred Meyer Challenge. Mr. Palmer came by our booth and tested out the GolfGym Swing Trainer. It was a very special moment that I will never forget. I was in awe, but still managed to get out my Cannon film camera to capture these images. He was very strong because he wanted to use the heavy resistance in this picture.
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A Close Encounter A few years ago, Vicki and I volunteered at a Legends Charity event at the Floridian Golf Club in Port St. Lucie, Florida. We got this very special picture with him.
Arnold Palmer,Ken Pierce,Vicki Pierce
Mr. Palmer lived life and played golf with the same enthusiasm and passion that we have seen over so many years. He was a lovely man and touched generations of golfers and non-golfers alike. Did he Swing His Swing on the golf course and in life? I know he did! Rest In Peace Mr. Palmer.