Senior? “You Talkin’ To Me”

“You talkin’ to me? Are you talkiin’ to me?  I’m the only one here…you talkin’ to me?”  That is one of the all time greatest series of lines uttered by an actor in a movie…ever. The actor was Robert De Niro and his character was Travis Bickle in the movie Taxi Driver.  Do you remember the movie?  I guess you have to be a “Senior” to have seen it.

Robert DeNiro
Anyway, a few weeks ago, I uttered those same words in a response to a request from a very well meaning golf blogger who asked me if I could write an article about golf exercises for seniors, implying that because I was  in my 60’s (64 at the time of this writing) that I could certainly relate to the plight of us old folks with creaky joints and a strong case of lumbago (defined as: A painful condition of the lower back, as one resulting from muscle strain or a slipped disk.).

OK, I may be over dramatizing it a bit, but I was taken back a little by the request. I don’t consider myself a “senior” person.  Actually, I take that back.  There are a few times when I am happy to whip out my drivers license to proclaim my “Seniority”…those being senior discounts at any retailer, the barber shop or the movie theater.  Heck, they don’t ask how many jumping jacks I can do, they just go by a number, and to me it is just a number.

I workout very hard these days, not only to help my golf game, but to keep me feeling like I can hang in there with the young guns (at least I like to think so).  A few mornings ago as I was leaving the gym after a workout, a lady, who I see everyday at the gym, and is slightly older than I, asked me if she could buy some of my energy.  We laughed about it as I walked out the door, and as I got to my motorcycle, I was sporting a grin a mile wide.

My reason for writing about this is that I think too many golfers who have passed the half century mark look at the numbers and allow it to affect their thinking about how to get back in the game.  Boy, that sounded like a line from a Cialis commercial.

Getting older doesn’t mean you have to start slowing down…it means you have to pick up the pace to be able to pick up the pace.

I encourage you to look for some very simple strategies here on our website, so you can get that body moving really well in order to enjoy the game we love so much for as long as you can.  Hey, there are some more challenging ones as well.  Good Luck Kiddo!

Thanks for reading.

Senior?…“Are you talkin’ to me?”