Are You Rotating Properly? Let’s find out!

Rotation, Rotation, Rotation

We have all heard the three most important words in real estate are: Location, Location, Location.

Well, in golf the three most important words may be: Rotation, Rotation, Rotation. That’s because if you want any power, distance or accuracy with your golf swing, you must be able to rotate properly.

I have done many, many videos on how to use the GolfGym products well to get the most benefit from them. Whether is is with resistance bands (PowerSwing Trainers and PowerSWINGPlus) or with the weighted double handled PowerBall, I have done at least one video on the proper use of same.

I also have these products in my gym bag to use when I visit the Gym nearly every morning around 5am. Actually, I don’t carry the 8 pound PowerBall around in my bag…I just brought two of them to the gym and leave them for anyone to use, and the get lots of use.
PowerBallsGymYesterday morning I was going through my shoulder and rotation routine, and I noticed that I was performing one of the movements improperly.  It was easy to figure out because I do them facing the wall with all the mirrors. By the way, I recommend that whenever you are performing golf specific movement patterns that you do them in front of a mirror if at all possible.  It will help you monitor any extra body movements like swaying or tilting or excessive moving of your head.

Back to my story…I was lifting up and coming out of my rotational posture while swinging the PowerBall.  Here is a short video explaining the movement:

Well, that’s it…my first VLOG.

If you are going to perform exercises to improve your rotation in your golf swing…be sure to do them properly.

Develop good “Motor Pattern Memory” through consistent properly performed exercises.

Thanks for reading!

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