Enough Time For One Stretch – This Is It!

You may very well be the exception, but even though we know better, golfers in general, do not like to properly stretch before playing or practicing. Frankly, only a small percentage of golfers even take the time to practice, let alone stretch beforehand.

There are so many articles, TV programs, coaches and trainers with different ideas on the proper way to stretch that it can be quite puzzling as to what to do first. There are different methods of stretching as well.  Static stretching is where you get into a stretch position and hold it for 10 – 15 seconds. This type of stretching has been found to actually slow down your fast twitch muscles that are critical to performing a fast golf swing. “Dynamic” stretching means your body is continuously moving during the stretch. It is generally more golf specific because it should involve a twisting or swinging motion. Dynamic stretching is also better because it helps to warm up the muscles that will be used throughout the round.

A great resource for more information on the importance of Flexibility and Stretching in golf is my good friend Roger Fredericks  www.fredericksgolf.com.

One of the reasons stretching is so important in golf is that the golf swing is performed in an average of 1.7 seconds. Some swings may be a little slower and some faster…but you are swinging a golf club from a static position, engaging nearly every muscle in your body with twisting, turning and balancing.

I have created a dynamic stretch that will take you only 3 minutes and will engage nearly all the muscles you will be using in your golf swing.

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Ken Pierce
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