Old Dog – Definitely New Trick!

Just Playing At Golf?

To date, I have been playing golf for about 50 years.  Actually, for many of those years I was playing “at” golf.

Because I had a background in ice hockey, I was able to develop some good hand-eye coordination with the ball and club, and with just a little effort, figured out how to move my body to develop a fairly good swing.

Back then, golf was definitely a social activity for me. In my Free eBook, “Golf Fitness, What Is It Really?“, I explain my initiation to golf through my dad when I was a very little boy.

Then, when I invented the GolfGym PowerSwing Trainer, my involvement in golf escalated, because I had to figure out how to best make sense of a golf training product that actually worked to help develop a stronger and more consistent golf swing.  So, over the past 25 years since I invented the PowerSwing Trainer, I have played more golf and for a while got pretty good at it.

Then the demands of running a business took over and I didn’t take the time to play very many rounds per year.  Although my swing stayed efficient, because I used our products regularly, I wasn’t hitting the ball very consistently and struggled with poor quality shots more often that I liked.  I never learned how to hit the ball and take a proper divot.  I just didn’t understand the “hitting down” theory that was out there and if I took a divot at all…it usually preceded the ball.  We all know what that produces.

THEN…I started following Martin Chuck, the inventor of the Tour Striker Club.  His videos are shown regularly on the Revolution Golf website.  Because I had met Martin previously and knew him to be a really good guy (and the fact that we inventors need to stick together) I watched every video he produced.  His approach to the golf swing and his incredibly authentic manner of teaching grabbed my attention immediately and I was hooked.

This video will explain what I mean and demonstrates a “Weight Forward” technique that I have employed recently and that has made an incredible, and I mean incredible difference in the way I now strike the golf ball.  I am back being excited about playing golf and striking balls at the range.  My divots are after the strike and the ball is flying better than ever in my life.

That’s enough said…here is the video.  “Old Dog…Definitely New Trick”

This really works great for me. Try it.
Ken Pierce

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