How Many Golf Balls Should I Hit To Improve?

I received a phone call today from a gentleman who had purchased two of our GolfGym Training Products. He was suffering from the dreaded “coming over the top” and needed some guidance on how he could stop performing that death move. He asked me, “How many golf balls should I hit to improve?”.

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His question was one that I think many golfers ask themselves. Is there a number of times that I need to swing a club or hit balls at the range before I will see a difference. It’s kind of like asking a fitness coach, “How many sit ups or crunches do I need to do before I get my six-pack abs?”.
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I told him that, in my opinion, it isn’t the quantity of balls hit, it is the quality of each swing and shot that counts.  That’s why it’s more about training properly and becoming consistent with your “Motor Pattern Memory” rather than a number of golf balls you hit making the same mistake every time.  Motor Pattern Memory is a phrase that was introduced to me recently through a Facebook post from TPI (Titleist Performance Institute).  Dr Charlie Weingroff said, “There is no such thing as muscle memory – it’s motor pattern memory”.  I agree 100%.  For a very long time, I have been looking for a term that made more sense than “muscle memory”, and thanks to Dr. Weingroff, I now have it.

Ok, back to the how many golf balls issue.  I told the caller that getting a large bucket of golf balls and whacking them one after another may get your swing warmed up, but it probably won’t help you improve your shot making. A strategy for good practice is a must if you want to see Motor Pattern Memory improve.

I encourage you to check out the DVD series by Martin Chuck (The inventor of the Tour Striker Training Club) which we offer on our website. Martin walks you through a planned practice session that will definitely improve your performance, and make every shot count.

So the bottom line for me is practice well, and hit as many golf balls as you can hit well. If nothing seems to make sense…take a lesson.

Do you have a great practice routine? I would love to hear from you.
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