I Used To Have A Pretty Good Swing!

I Used To Have A Pretty Good Swing

I was in our GolfGym warehouse earlier today clearing out some “stuff” from a box that we had stored for several years.  It contained quite a few old pictures, some nicknacks, and the kind of stuff you will find in many a desk drawer. I came across a picture of myself (actually a collage of pictures) performing a Golf Swing. This picture has to be 30 years old or more.  It was taken at a golf outing with a camera that could do stop image of the golf swing.

Ken Pierce,Golf SwingI was pleasantly surprised to see that I had a fairly good golf swing way back then. I had a “Bubba Swing” before Bubba did. Check out that Jack Nicklaus knee. You could put a watermelon under my left foot.

What I did notice is that my head stayed really still, and although I had a mean forward press on my takeaway, I did have great extension and a really good shoulder turn. Yes, my hands coming into the impact area are “casting” slightly, but I got to my left side really well on the follow through and…check out that balance and right toe action.

I really worked on my flexibility back then and it is apparent in the back swing and follow through. I about hit my butt with the club head.

I am sharing this image with you in part to show off my flying left knee, my incredible flexibility, and the old school way that the golf swing was taught. But seriously, I hit the ball pretty well back then, and could probably have hit it even farther if I didn’t cast the club a little bit. I really didn’t know any better then. Terms like “coming over the top”, “casting” and “early extension” were never used.  Back then, your score was important, and it really didn’t matter how pretty your golf swing was if you could pencil in some birdies during the round.

Now at 65 years old, I am still hitting the ball pretty well, continuously working on my strength and flexibility and still love the game as much as I did back then. I am starting to practice more and play more to get the “feeling” to consistently execute the shots.

Be sure to take some time to work on your swing. If you go to the range, have a plan as to how you are going to practice. Work on your strength and flexibility. Swing an Orange Whip or use a PowerSWING Trainer or the new PowerSWING Plus to build a more consistent golf swing. Gary Player can still hit the ball incredibly well because he works on his golf swing and his fitness with a passion.

That’s all…that’s my story of the picture that made me smile.  Create a picture for yourself that will make you smile.

Here are two links to videos that might help you practice better.

Any of the Martin Chuck videos:


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