How Can Bruce Lee Help Your Golf Game?

How Can Bruce Lee Help Your Golf Game!
Bruce Lee,Golf,Golf Swing,Golf Training Aids,How Bruce Lee Can Help Your Golf Game,GolfGym“I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks one,
but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times”.

As soon as I heard about this quote from Bruce Lee, I immediately felt that there was a direct link to the way we should think about golf and how we practice it. Bruce Lee understood that it only takes one perfect kick to take down anyone. Practicing that kick 10,000 will help you come close to perfection.

There is no real way of calculating the exact amount of balls a PGA Tour Player hits in a year, but after a little dancing on the calculator keys, I am guessing that, with the tournament rounds and all the practicing, they probably hit 10,000 balls every 4-5 months or so. That’s a great indication as to why they are so good.

The biggest problem I see with the average recreational golfer is that they don’t take practice very seriously. Hitting a small bucket of balls on the range (mostly using the driver) just before stepping up to the first tee on Saturday morning might get you slightly warmed up, but it is not really practice.

Practice, if it is going to be effective, needs to be planned and executed in a manner that enhances your golf swing, your motor pattern memory, and most importantly…your confidence.  Developing a repeatable, consistent golf swing will make a huge impact on your scoring ability on the course.

I am sure the Bruce Lee reference makes sense to every golfer who wants to be a better player, lower his or her handicap, and just have more fun on the golf course. Executing the plan is the challenge. A simple golf swing training program would also help. Check Out for some great suggestions.

There is a negative part of the Bruce Lee quote that is more the norm when it comes to all of us weekend warriors. Most often, we “try” the newest and most popular Tips, Drills, Routines and Equipment that bombarded us on TV and in every golf magazine. (10,000 different kicks/swings)

Most of the USA is looking to an “off season” arriving soon. Why not take some time to “practice” your one swing 10,000 times while the snow covers the golf course.  If you want some suggestions on tools that will help you develop a good “practice” mentality while training your golf specific muscles, head over to 10,000 swings starts with just one.

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