Heat Up Your Golf Swing Inside…When It’s Cold Outside

It’s official. In most of the United States, it is getting cold outside. In our new state of North Carolina, having moved here last September, as I write this it is 59 degrees.

If you like golf and live in anywhere other than Florida, Arizona or California you are probably ready to hang up the clubs for the winter. I have created a sequence drill that will really help to keep or get your golf swing in shape all winter long in your home.

I’m performing this sequence using the GolfGym PowerSWING Plus and the GolfGym /Cardiogolf Shortee Club. With these tools I am able to swing a golf club against resistance indoors. Also, I can see the club face at impact, and make a full swing sequence in the house without breaking anything. Notice that I am also using an alignment rod to be aware of the target line during the sequence.

I call it a sequence, because I would like you to stop at every position for 4 seconds. This is how you are able to develop the skill of the golf swing. Just flaying away will not direct the neuro transmitters to send the correct signals to the correct muscles in order to develop that “Swing Skill” and consistency. (Check out the book, The Talent Code, by Daniel Coyle)

Set Up and Takeaway
The set up and takeGolfGym,GolfGym PowerSWING Plus,GolfGym Swing Sequence,Golf,Golf Swing away are probably the most important part of the entire sequence. Using the Shortee Club, set up in a good golf posture. Align yourself (feet, hips and shoulders) with the alignment rod positioned on the floor. As you begin your take away, be sure to follow the rod with the club head.

As you extend your hands and arms as far as you can to establish a very wide take away. When using the resistant band, you will feel a tightening of your core as you begin to rotate. This is good because you will continue to coil or load around your spine as you get ready to unleash that tension from the full back swing position into impact and follow through.

Downswing to Follow Through

In this sequence you can see the tension on the band as you take the club back as far as you can. Working in a 4 second hold sequence like this one, it is very hard to get all the way to the top of your swing without the inertia of an actual swing. Remember to hold each position for 4 seconds. During that time you will feel the tightening of the muscles you are using in the swing.
SEQUENCE ALERT! Remember to breathe through this entire sequence. Nearly all of us tend to hold our breath when lifting or when we are exercising under resistance. DO NOT HOLD YOUR BREATH!
GolfGym,GolfGym PowerSWING Plus,GolfGym Swing Sequence,Golf,Golf SwingPerform this 4 second hold sequence 3 times/reps all the way through. Do this sequence 3 times a week. On the other days, remove the resistance (PowerSWING Plus) and perform 20 swings at ¾ speed as your regular swing. When spring comes around you will be ready to hit the practice range to see the improvement immediately.

Many thanks to Karen Palacios Jansen from Cardiogolf.com for her help in developing the Shortee Practice Club.

Check out the GolfGym PowerSWING Plus and the 23” Shortee Club.

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