Hank Haney Talks Speed In Your Golf Swing

Hank Haney Tweeted About The importance of
Speed and Your Golf Swing.

Recently, I have been hearing many golf coaches and teachers talking about the concept of developing as much speed as possible in your golf swing. There are three reasons why swinging faster may help your golf game. (1) To help your body get trained to turn quicker (hips), (2) To increase your club head speed, and (3) To add more distance on each shot.

The reality is that the only way to gain distance is by creating more speed in your swing. One (1) MPH of added club head speed equals 3-4 additional yards on each shot. If you add 10 MPH to your club head speed, you gain 30-40 more yards. What’s so hard about that? Actually, it is plenty hard…especially as we age…and more especially, if we lack stability, mobility and flexibility.

(NOTE: Before you head to the range to get your “Superman” on…here is something to consider. If you are a golfer who struggles to make good ball contact regularly, or hasn’t yet developed the ability to remain stable or balanced through your entire golf swing, swinging faster may actually exacerbate the problems)

Hank Haney,Swing Speed,GolfGym,GolfGym PowerSWING Plus,Haney,Speed,Swing FastI follow Hank Haney on Twitter (@HankHaneyRadio). I like much of what he says in the allotted 140 characters. He has a show on Sirius Radio every day. I don’t have Sirius, so I pick up info from the tweets I read throughout my limited time on Twitter. (BTW – Misspellings and abbreviations are sometimes required in order to post as much information as possible in 140 characters)

I read two of his “tweets” a few days ago in which he talked about SPEED and how important it is in your golf swing. Here are the two tweets (that sound a little weird).

Tweet #1: “I would worry less about being in control. Just see what’s the fastest u can swing the club- then get the swing organized to meet that speed.”

Tweet #2: “Swing faster -get more club head speed. Turn up the volume & pump it up. Everyone has 4mph more club head speed in them that they aren’t using.”

If you practice swinging as fast as you can (without a ball in sight), you will start developing a motor pattern memory that will adjust to the faster speed. Then, as Haney points out, you can organize that swing to meet that speed.

This information affected me personally, because even though I was swinging well and hitting solid shots, I was not getting the distance I thought I should be getting. “Is it the ball or my driver”, I thought. Then after reading the information from Hank Haney, I went to the practice range, attached my GolfGym® PowerSWING Plus to my driver and, after a good warm up, began swinging as fast as I could. The results were incredible. After several practice sessions my distance has increased and I am feeling more and more confident about my new found fast swing. I now swing fast every time I tee it up and have been out driving my buddies ever since.

This tip is not for everyone, but it may just be for you. I believe that you do have 4 – 5 (maybe even 10) mph more swing speed in you. You just have to release it.

Thanks for reading. Check out my video on YouTube: “You Can Handle More Speed – Inspired by Hank Haney”.

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