Develop Great Rotation With Correct Sequencing

Develop Great Rotation With Correct Sequencing

Recently, I have been working on my own golf swing with a real emphasis on proper sequencing and hip rotation. While working with my friend, and fellow PowerSwing Guy, Arlen Bento, Jr. I found out that I wasn’t turning my hips well enough to get all the power I wanted. The result is that I wasn’t getting the distance I wanted either.

I had heard about, and have watched one or two presentations by a coach with great credentials and a fun way about him that really caught my attention. His name is Jason Glass. He is Canadian (don’t hold that against him) and a very interesting character.
Jason Glass,YOJAY,Golf Fitness,Golf Rotation,Golf Swing SequencingJust yesterday, I watched a video he posted called, “Coach Glass Rotational Power Xperiment“. In this video he takes a young female golfer through a great series of exercises, plus warm up and cool down, to develop an incredibly powerful golf body with great rotation.

I took three pages of notes, stopping the video several times to review what he was explaining. This morning in the gym, I tried my best to perform a few of the movement patterns…and did so somewhat successfully to my surprise.

One Movement Really Helped Me

I chose one of the movements that really helped me to feel rotation with proper sequencing. It is in the video below. Jason also emphasized the importance of keeping the elbows raised in order to squeeze the scapula together for better posture.  It is really important to lead with the hips which will help with rotation based on sequencing.

After this workout my heart rate was up and I felt great. Even though I use the PowerSWING Plus and PowerSwing Trainer regularly, I feel like this movement pattern adds a great rotational awareness. I plan do add this to my workouts regularly.

For more information about Jason Glass go to:
Jason also offers a fun and unique weekly YouTube show where he answers questions from Twitter and emails. It is called: #YOJAY.

I will be posting many more videos and info from the Top Golf Fitness Coaches on the planet.
Thanks for reading and watching!

Ken Pierce
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