Golfers Are Insane!

Recently I read an article published on the Psychology Today Website. It was written by Ryan Howes. He said, “I hear this every week, sometimes twice a day: “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” He absolutely disagrees with that statement, but for my purpose in the blog post…let’s just say it’s correct.

By that definition I will make the bold statement that most golfers (and I think I am correct in saying “most”)…most golfers are INSANE!!!

Golf is Hard!  Maybe not as hard as trying to roll a 10 ton boulder up a steep rock formation, but it is hard.  Trying to connect a 1 7/8″ ball with the face of a golf club attached to a stick that you are swinging around your body in about 1.2 seconds while staying in balance is HARD!

Yet we golfers (maybe golf nuts) continue to put ourselves through the challenge of performing that swing between 70 and 150 times in four hours as many times as we can every single year.  That just might fall into that definition of Insanity.

If you watch the Golf Channel, and I do every day, you may have see the show School Of Golf which is hosted by Martin Hall. Martin ends every show with the phrase, “If you keep doing what you’ve been doing, you will keep getting what you been getting. Make the effort, make the change. It’s worth it.”

For me, that sums it all up. The Make the Effort, Make the Change, It’s Worth It.

In an interview during the Ryder Cup, Justin Rose said, “You are either focused or you are struggling”. I think the majority of recreational golfers are struggling most of the time while playing golf.

OK…Smart Guy…So What? (I can hear you saying it. Don’t deny it!).

The #1 answer is (And the survey said!) PRACTICE! In order to really improve your golf game you must take some time to practice. It’s not the get two large buckets of balls on a Thursday evening at the local range and start pounding away kind of practice. It is getting a small or medium bucket, warming up, and focusing on one thing for 5 balls at a time.

This is the practice theory developed by my current mentor, Martin Chuck. (Martin Chuck is the inventor of the Tour Striker Golf Training Clubs and all the other Tour Striker golf training products). Even though I am old enough to be his father, I consider him my mentor through the Instructional videos on YouTube and his DVD set that I watch regularly. Focused practice will help you to break the chains of Struggling to feeling Accomplishment and Progress.

So all you crazy golfers, get out there and start some focused practice.

Remember, make the effort, make the change…it’s worth it!

Thanks for reading

Ken Pierce

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