Golf Is Just Like Google

Golf Is Just Like Google!
Golf Is Just Like Google,Google,Golf GoogleWhaaaat?

I can hear you now…
“What the heck are you talking about?”
“Google has nothing to do with golf!”

Let me explain. The game of golf doesn’t care about your golf swing or what clubs you are playing. It doesn’t care about the weather or how you are dressed, what shoes you are wearing, how much you weigh. It makes no difference if you are a man, a woman or a child….and it certainly doesn’t care what kind of car you drive.

Golf simply reacts to the input your golf club imparts on the ball at the point of impact. Google doesn’t care what you are thinking, how old you are, where you live or if you play golf or not. Google simply reacts to the information you enter into the search area.

The website, article, newspaper or blog post that utilizes the best SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in it’s content will produce the best results on the internet. If the content of a certain page isn’t “optimized” in the best possible manner, it is pretty much guaranteed that the content will not show up on the first page of the search engines. It may not even show up on the first 100 pages.

In an article on the Golf WRX website (August 26, 2016) Barney Adams (The founder of Adams Golf and the inventor of the iconic “Tight Lies” fairway wood) said, “Golf doesn’t care if you’re an ex-jock, cop, fireman, computer designer, movie star….Golf doesn’t care. Hungover, healthy? Golf doesn’t care. Back pain, bad mood? Good mood, new vitamins? Golf just sits there and waits for you to give it your best shot.”

Golf SEO (Swing Engine Optimization)

The same is true for your golf game. Your golf ball will react to your own Golf SEO (SWING Engine Optimization). In order to produce the best result, your golf ball will require the best input. That input comes from your set up, your grip, your back swing, your down swing and your club head speed. Most important is your impact position. Then comes your balance and your follow through. Your mental approach/attitude can make or break your entire day. Golf Fitness is also a key factor in your optimizing your swing. The Swing Engine is YOU!

Your body swings the club. So, why not do a little “optimizing” to your golf swing and body. Optimizing your swing and body should include, but is not limited to, practice time at the range, lessons from a professional (not your cousin), and a pre-round warm up. You can optimize your golf fitness (which is different from overall fitness) with golf specific exercises that will help to increase your flexibility, strength, balance and rotation. Optimizing your fitness level will also help to ward off injury. When you strengthen your core muscles, you help stabilize your lower back allowing for more rotation.

We at GolfGym can’t help you with lessons or practice time, but we can help with simple exercises and tools to help you get started with simple and effective exercises, stretches and movement patterns to help improve your Golf SEO.

If you are interested in starting a Golf SEO program, check out these pages on the GolfGym site:
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