Golf Fitness – What Is It Really?

This is the First of a Five Part Series on Golf Fitness – What Is It Really?

In this digital age, when you want to find information on anything, you go to Google or Wikipedia. Google disseminates all the info out there in cyberspace based on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Rankings, and Wikipedia has information on their website that comes from many sources, but is good enough to get a sense of what you are searching for.

If you Google “Golf Fitness”, just below the paid ads are 461 million entries containing something pertaining to golf fitness. I am very proud to say that at the time of this writing, we (GolfGym) are third from the top on the first page, just below MyTPI. The websites and articles available on Google are as varied in consistency and designation as the variety of cheeses in France. Therefore, with so many articles, golf fitness products, pictures and “stuff”, is that Golf Fitness? The following is straight out of Wikipedia.

Golf fitness is a relatively new concept in the world of professional golfing, but one which is gaining wide currency now. While there is now a mainstream following of this type of training, this wasn’t always the case. Golfers were never considered athletes nor was the sport considered to share the physical demands of other sports like football, baseball or hockey. Not only was it not popular to exercise for golf, but in many cases, it was frowned upon. Australian golfer Greg Norman credits himself with introducing the concept of golf fitness to the golfing world.

Injury tendencies
History has taught us that golfers who do not properly prepare their bodies for repetitive practice or play tend to break down in injury, especially to the back, shoulders and wrists. Common complaints include sore or tender joints, early fatigue and lack of strength, especially as it relates to driving distance.

History of golf fitness
There were some early pioneers of the combination of fitness and golf. Gary Player, an avid fitness enthusiast, is one of the games most avid supporters of fitness on tour.

New era of golf fitness
Gary Player
may have been one of golf’s earliest and most vocal supporters, but there were others. Greg Norman was also a huge proponent of the benefits of fitness for his game and his life overall. However, no one has had a greater impact than the most famous golfer in the world, Tiger Woods. His athletic physique is among the most envied by enthusiasts of many different sports. This athletic prowess in addition to his natural talent and ability and mental focus has elevated the game of golf to a whole new level. Golfers now view their game as one that involves their entire body, their fitness and nutrition.”
So, is that Golf Fitness?
Is this golf fitness?
What about this?
Since Tiger Woods became a “force” in golf, the fitness level of nearly all the professional players has gone up a notch, and in some cases has changed entire body types. Twenty years ago, a “Chiseled Golfer” would have been the statue of Ben Hogan at the Colonial Country Club. Now, more and more professional golfers are finding that being more fit can help them earn more money…a lot more money.
So is this Golf Fitness?
I am pretty sure this doesn’t count!

Do you think those are her real clubs?

What is Golf Fitness Really?

In Part Two of this series we will explore this question more deeply. I will point out some of the most notable golfers and offer a few of the exercises that the top players in the world do to stay Golf Fit.
Stay Tuned!
Ken Pierce
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Ken Pierce is the President of GolfGym LLC and the creator of the GolfGym PowerSwing Trainer. From 1972 -1981 he officiated professional Ice Hockey in the WHA, NHL and the International Ice Hockey Federation, refereeing the Championship Game (Czech’s vs Russians) in Prague, Czechoslovakia at the World Championships in 1978. He officiated the Opening Game of the Canada Cup Series in 1974 (Canada vs. Sweden). He created aerobic and fitness programs in the 80’s at health clubs in Southern California. As an avid golfer he later created the portable golf fitness apparatus then called the “GolfGym”. He grew the line to include many other golf fitness products.  He and his wife, Vicki now live on South Florida and continue to run the GolfGym company.

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