Do you Hit The Golf Ball or Swing The Club?

Do you Hit The Golf Ball or Swing The Club?
I viewed this great video on YouTube that may help you answer the question.
 Golf Swing,Golf,Hit The Ball,SwingIt is a very good question to ask yourself.  I had to ask myself which one I was doing.  Obviously, we swing the club in order to hit the ball…but what is running through your head when you swing the club.  Are you thinking swing or are you thinking hitting the ball?

My golf swing changed when I got more in touch with the “bottom” of my swing.  It allowed me to make solid contact with the ball first, then take a divot after the ball.  Now, I am “feeling” my swing much, much more because I am thinking “impact” at the bottom versus “hitting” the ball. I know that might sound like the same thing….but it is not, at least for me.
I could always generate power (see the blog post on “Have” Power versus “Generate” Power) because I consistently use the GolfGym PowerSwing Trainer and PowerSWING Plus units. But, I realized that generating all that power is great, but if the impact isn’t correct, the power is dissipated.

I was at a Trade Show several years back when Butch Harmon was giving a presentation. He said “The ball should simply get in the way of a really good swing” (or something like that)…and he offered a free lesson on an easy way to gain 10 yards in just 10 seconds…”Play from the white tees”.

But seriously, Butch Harmon was basically telling us that all you’ve got to do is swing the golf club really well and just let the ball get in the way.  I know it sounds easy, but heck, what have you got to lose?  Maybe, just maybe a few strokes.

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