Develop Stronger Legs With These Exercises

We all know that our legs are important in the game of golf and to our overall golf fitness. They are important for many reasons. Two main reasons are stability and balance. You can also add power.

But seriously, strong legs keep us stable, help our balance immensely, and can help us add more power to our golf swings. Strong legs will also help us get through life a little easier while climbing up and down stairs, getting in and out of chairs, and walking 18 holes, to name a few.

Many PGA and LPGA Tour professionals are now doing Olympic type lifting of weights to develop a stronger lower body and more powerful legs…especially deadlifts and squats.

Watch our friend George “The Animal” Slupski with his winning drive in the 2010 RE/Max World Long Drive Championships.  He set the world record that year with a drive of 406 yards. Just watch his leg action.

 Making it to the Wold Long Drive Championships might be a stretch, but you will play better with stronger legs. Here are some simple squat exercises that can help develop more leg strength. They require a balance ball, a wall and your commitment.

Try these and let me know how you do.  Make it fun!

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