The Death Of An Old Friend – Our Weighted Club

GolfGym,Weighted ClubWe recently experienced the death of an old friend. This friend was with us for almost 10 years. During those 10 years we touted its benefits and actually worked together on a regular basis. When we worked together I felt like I was getting stronger and receiving a huge benefit from the relationship.

I actually encouraged many, many golfers around the world to get one and see the benefits for themselves. They too would get stronger and develop a better, more consistent golf swing after spending some time with it.

Mr. Harvey Penick, the world renowned golf teacher and author of “The Little Red Book” said, “Every golfer from young adult through Seasoned Citizen, should own a heavy club that weighs at least 22 ounces. Swinging a weighted club, with your regular grip and stance, is the best exercise I know to build the golf muscles“. I don’t know the exact year Mr. Penick wrote that, but I am guessing it may have been about 60 years ago.

Oh….how times have changed. Technology in clubs and balls, TrackMan, 3D Swing Imaging, the Titleist Performance Institute and many, many more groups, organizations and companies have dissected every aspect of golf to advance their theories on the best way to develop the “Perfect” golf swing.

Over the past few years, people started talking about our old friend in a very negative way. They would say that working with it would actually be detrimental to their developing a golf swing with more speed. They claimed that just the opposite is true. I certainly didn’t think so, but the science seemed to drown out any positive testimonials to the contrary.

Having listened to the negative talk I decided to investigate. A scientific study was done with a baseball player. They measured his swing speed with and without warming up with a weight (donut) on his bat. The batters swing speed went down slightly, but it also threw his timing off slightly as well.

On the golf side, Dr. Greg Rose did a test with Dave Phillips. Dr Rose and Mr. Phillips are the founders of the Titleist Performance Institute. After swinging a weighted club, Dave Phillips swing speed was about the same, but he hit his driver almost 30 yards shorter.

After looking at the videos, there might be something to the theories that swinging a weighted bat or club to warm up will actually warm up the slow twitch muscle fibers and we need the fast twitch ones to help with speed.

Therefore, we held a small service for our closest friends and buried the last of our weighted clubs for good.

The GOOD NEWS is that I created the PowerSWING Plus to help warm up through a little resistance and stretching. Both of which are good things.  Check out the PowerSWING Plus…and watch for more videos.  Especially the one with a really great warm up and stretch routine using the PowerSWING Plus.

Thanks for reading.

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