How Cutting Myself Shaving Improved My Golf Game

When I was a kid growing up, I would see my Dad shaving with an electric razor. I remember the hum of the motor and him running the clunky thing up and down and around and around trying to get every last one of the little stubble buggers off his face. I also remember the very manly commercials on TV that showed men lathering up with shaving cream and smoothly scraping their stubble from their faces.  That looked to be the manly way to go about shaving. It was an experience…not just a shave.

So when the fuzz started growing on my face…the manly thing to do was to lather up and scrape it off. An investment in band aids made everything OK and more manly. For a 16 year old kid. that was good.

I have a small protrusion (mole) under my chin which, over all the years of shaving with a razor, I managed to skim it off nearly every time I installed a new blade. I am guessing I hacked off that little thing about 500 time or so. I got to the point that I didn’t want to change the blades anymore and went for a very long time without doing so.  That meant that I had to press harder to get a smoother shave, but I didn’t care.  I thought, if cowboys could use some soap and a sharp edge of a tin can…I could suffer a little myself.
Shaving,GolfGymI hear you saying…”What the heck does this have to do with improving my golf game?”  Well, here it is. We all have the desire to improve our performance in our golf game. If you don’t, I admire you. You probably enjoy your time in nature and don’t care about the score or hitting good shots. Well, I say, YOU ARE A FREAK!  Every golfer wants to perform better on the course. It’s too bad there isn’t a Golf Enhancement Pill we can buy. That 4 hour thing would apply to the entire round and that’s good.

Here is my point. When you learn a new skill or technique, or a great putting tip…be sure to tell you brain that you need to remember the new tip, and to come back and do that same thing again and again.  Repeat that new skill over and over and don’t fall back into the scraping and hacking mode. When you practice on the range, be sure to implement the new tools and tricks that will help to make your golf game more enjoyable. “Think of the Process”.  Be aware of the new blade in your razor and act accordingly…every single time.

After winning the Open Championship, Rory McIlroy told an interviewer that he concentrated on two words only…Process and Spot.  He was determined to stay with his process and focus on the spot he needed to roll over with his putts.

Bottom Line…I Improved My Golf Game after I cut myself shaving, because I became aware that when I changed to a new sharper blade, my process of shaving had to change. Improvement comes from awareness and the implementation of the new process on a continual basis. All golfers want more consistency. Most of us are very consistently inconsistent. Growth and improvement come from change and sticking with the new process. Then, when you buy that new blade, be sure to adjust and act accordingly. Your face and your golf game will thank you for it.

Thanks for reading.
Ken Pierce

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