A Fitness Ball – It’s Not Just For Balance

If you are into any type of fitness program, or even if your not, I am sure you have seen trainers, teachers and/or golfers using a big colorful Fitness Ball (sometimes called a Physio Ball or a Balance Ball) to perform “balance” exercises.  You may have even seen demonstrations using the Balance Ball to assist in a stretching routine or exercise. The most popular sizes are 55cm & 65cm depending on your height.

However, this large stable ball can be used for much more than stretching or balance. In the first videos, I demonstrate how the ball can be used to develop a solid and steady set up posture for the best connection to the ground you can have…as well as a great way to develop more rotation.

In this next video I want you to just have fun. The music and the movements will get your entire body engaged. It is a great way to warm up your entire body. Remember to press your hands against the ball as much as you can. This semi-Isometric engagement will help to strengthen the chest, back and core while rockin’ to the music.  If you follow along for the 3 minutes, I know your entire body will be feeling great.

This ball is really versatile and can be used for all kinds of exercises and stretches. See more of our videos at on YouTube.

Remember…Have Fun with These.

Thanks for Reading!

Ken Pierce

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