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Golfing and Dieting – The Fraternal Twins

Woman on scale unhappy with her weight

Success or Failure with Either Golfing or Dieting Depends on Your Commitment. If you are reading this you are probably a golfer. It could also be that you have been on a diet at some point in your life. It’s even possible that you are a golfer on a diet.To be candid and revealing, I […]

Strike Up The Bandz

Stewart Cink,Resistance Bands,PowerBandz,Resistance training,Pga Tour Fitness Trailer,PGA Tour Van

Have you ever used resistance bands for a workout, to stretch or to warm up for golf? We at GolfGym® are huge proponents of using resistance bands (or cords) to gain strength and to train specific muscles to perform more efficiently in your golf swing.

Knowledge Is Power…Or Is It?

Golf Teachers,Golf Instructors,Golf,Golf Swing

I’m sure at some time or another you have heard this very definitive statement, “Knowledge Is Power”. As I have gotten to experience more of life, I have come to believe that it is not the Knowledge itself that is Power, but it is the “Application” of Knowledge that is Power.

There Ain’t No Such Thing As Muscle Memory!

Muscle Memory,Deep Practice,Muscles,Muscle,Memory,Golf

“Pardon my poor English, but it’s true. “Muscle Memory” is a term that has been used for as many years as I can remember. However, with all that is being learned about biomechanics and mental training, a new understanding of our motor skills needs to be considered.” [read more…]

If You Don’t Know Squat…You Should

Squats,Squat,Golf Swing

We all know that our legs are important in the game of golf and to our overall health and fitness. Strong legs keep us stable, help our balance and can help us add more power to our golf swings. Strong legs will also help us get through life a little easier while climbing up and […]

Golf Fitness…How Do I Get Started?

Golf Swing,Three Stooges,Golf,Golf Fitness

Golf Fitness. Over time, more and more PGA and LPGA Professionals have embraced the concept that being more fit will help their performance week after week (which means larger deposits in their bank accounts). Today, it is rare to find a professional golfer who is not spending time in the gym, with a trainer, to […]

“Swing Your Swing” – Arnold Palmer

Arnold Palmer, Arnie,GolfGym,Arnie's Army,

“Swing Your Swing” “Not Some Idea of A Swing” “Not A Swing You Saw On TV” “Not That Swing You Wish You Had” “No! Swing Your Swing” “Capable of Greatness, Prized Only By You” “Perfect In Its Imperfection” “Swing Your Swing” “I Know I Did!” Arnold Palmer   In 2013 Dick’s Sporting Goods aired a […]

Shortee Club Pass Through Drill -Shoulder Turn

Develop a Better Shoulder Turn for Golf,Golf,GolfGym,Shortee Club

This Shortee Club Pass Through Drill will help you get the feeling of keeping your sternum behind the ball. You will also develop a much better shoulder turn. Let me explain: Two of the “Death Moves” associated with the golf swing are “Coming Over the Top” and “Early Extension” (Standing Up). Both of these moves […]

The Ultimate Anti Rotation Drills For Golfers

Ultimate Anti-Rotation Drill,GolfGym Power Hip Trainer

The term Anti-Rotation as related to golf doesn’t really make sense since golf is a totally rotational sport. Actually, that’s the point. Because golf is such a rotational sport we must think about strengthening the muscles that stabilize and support our spine so that the rotation doesn’t cause injury.   When we start to swing […]

Take It Inside

Karen Jansen,CardioGolf,Shortee Club,Golf,Golf Swing

For the majority of American golfers, the temperature is falling and so is the white stuff. Your golf clubs are nestled all snug in their beds (closet/garage), while visions of springtime dance in their heads. This means that your clubs will be ready to play come springtime…but will you? Well…Take It Inside! We at GolfGym® […]

Golf Is Just Like Google

Golf,Google,Golf Is Just Like Google

The game of golf doesn’t care about your golf swing or what clubs you are playing. It doesn’t care about the weather or how you are dressed: Golf simply reacts to the input your golf club imparts on the ball at the point of impact. “

Simple Drills To Get More Out Of A Treadmill

Treadmill Prescription,treadmill,Golf,GolfGym

“You can enhance your time spent on a treadmill while helping you overall golf game. Check out this fun video:” “ Start slowly to get balanced and create a rhythm that feels comfortable. “Once you are comfortable, start moving your arms front to back, or side to side while staying balanced.”

Hank Haney Talks Speed In Your Golf Swing

Hank Haney,Swing Speed,GolfGym,GolfGym PowerSWING Plus,Haney,Speed,Swing Fast

“Recently, I have been hearing many golf coaches and teachers talking about the concept of developing as much speed as possible in your golf swing” “This information affected me personally, because even though I was swinging well and hitting solid shots, I was not getting the distance I thought I should be getting. “Is it […]

Develop Great Rotation With Correct Sequencing

Jason Glass,Coach Glass,Golf Fitness,Golf Swing,Golf Swing Sequence,Kinematic Sequence,Golf Rotation,Rotational Swing

“Recently, I have been working on my own golf swing with a real emphasis on proper sequencing and hip rotation. While working with my friend, and fellow PowerSwing Guy, Arlen Bento, Jr”. I chose one of the movements that really helped me to feel rotation with proper sequencing. It is in the video below……………”

Golf Fitness Ain’t Body Building

Rory McIlroy,Golf Fitness,Strength,GolfGym

“Recently, many professional golfers have taken golf fitness to another level in that they are creating (or their trainers are) weight training programs that involve heavier and heavier weights (Body Building?)”. Every golfer in the world would benefit from being more Fit For Golf. That doesn’t mean Body Building…………..”

How Can Bruce Lee Help Your Golf Game?

Bruce Lee,Golf,How Can Bruce Lee Help Your Golf Game,Golf Swing,GolfGym

“I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks one, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times”. There is no real way of calculating the exact amount of balls a PGA Tour Player hits in a year, but after a little dancing………….”

The Presidents Cup – A Great Divide!

The Presidents Cup,Presidents Cup,USA,United States Of America,South Korea,Korea,United States

The Presidents Cup is being contested in a country very far from the USA, South Korea. This is the first significant men’s golf tournament ever to be held in that country. The Great Divide I am talking about is the Grand Canyon like chasm in the ability and performance by the professional golfers………….”

Resistance Is Good!

Resistance Is Good,Resistance,Golf,Golf Swing,PowerSwing Trainer,PowerSWING Plus

We see so many of the top professional golfers now spending a great amount of time in the gym lifting weights, using bands and even using body weight exercises. />The bottom line is: If you want to swing your golf club more consistently, with more power and speed, you are going to have to do […]

Jason Day’s Winning Formula – S.F.T.

Jason Day,Barcleys,FedEx Cup,PGA,Golf,Australian Jason Day,Jason Day & SFT

This past week PGA Tour player Jason Day won his second PGA Tour event (the first FedEx Playoff tournament) in two weeks and his third event in four weeks. Have you ever watched Jason during his pre-shot routine? If so, you would have noticed that with the help of his caddie he chooses a target […]

Three Steps To More Power In Your Golf Swing


Golfers are always talking about needing more power in their golf swing. Power and Golf are words generally related to Tour Pros like Tiger Woods, Dustin Johnson, Rory McIlroy, Bubba Watson. I saw this Three Step Drill on Facebook. It was presented by Zach Allen on the American Golf Association Facebook Page. I added a […]

Golf Fitness Isn’t Measured By Your Waistline

Inbee Park,Kiradech Aphibarnrat,Golf,Golf Fitness,LPGA,European Tour

“Congratulations to Inbee Park & Kiradech Aphibarnrat on their WINS this past weekend! This is a prime example that GOLF FITNESS IS NOT MEASURED BY YOUR WAISTLINE. It is based on your ability to perform golf shots consistently and repeatedly…not if you have six pack abs…………”

I Am Sorry Hank Haney – You Are Wrong!

Hank Haney,Hank Haney Videos,Hank Haney Swing Coach,Hank Haney Video Series,Golf,Golfing,GolfGym,Hank Haney You Are Wrong

“If you have watched the Golf Channel at all you have probably seen the ads for the Haney “BluePrint – Tour Pro Secret” video series.” I completely agree that the Game of Golf is a complex assembly of physical and mental gymnastics………..”

You Don’t Have To Give Up Beer!


“You don’t have to give up beer. You don’t have to join a gym. You work on it for 10 minutes a day and you get fit.” There are a lot of golf training aids that golfers are embarrassed to bring to the course……….”

Tighten The Bolts In Your Golf Swing

Iron Byron,Golf Swing,Golf,Swing

Iron Byron – “An electro-mechanical machine used by the United States Golf Association to test golf clubs and golf balls for conformity to standards”. As a golfer, you have probably seen this machine (named after the legendary Byron Nelson) on television being used at different………”

A Green Smoothie & Your Golf Fitness Program

Green Smoothie,Smoothie

You are probably asking…”What the heck does this have to do with a Golf Fitness Program?” Well, for the majority of golfers I have Does that sound like you? Do you want to (or think you should) get involved in a golf specific fitness program but it looks overwhelming?………”

The Guy At The End Of The Range – Left Eye Dominant

Jack Nicklaus,Golf,Left Eye Dominant,Golfing

I go to the range regularly because I really enjoy working on my swing and my ball striking. I use the term “ball striking” because that’s what I am doing…at least I think so… By the way…I hear that Jack Nicklaus, Tiger Woods and several other great “ball strikers” are left eye dominant. I’m just […]