GolfGym Balance Ball Videos

Thank You for purchasing our GolfGym Balance Ball. It is the finest non burst balance ball on the market. Please read all the instructional information included in your package. Be sure to inflate the balance ball to the correct size in order to get the greatest benefit from it’s use.


The videos posted below demonstrate the best way to get the most from your Balance Ball using simple exercises and movement patterns. These movement patterns will help to increase your Personal Power and Balance in your golf swing.
Thank you and enjoy!


Inflating the GolfGym® Balance Ball

Remove the ball from its packaging. Spread it out flat on the floor or the table. Do not be concerned about the fold marks. This is normal and they will disappear. Allow the ball to come to room temperature before inflating.
Once the Balance Ball is at room temperature, remove the white plug. Insert the included hand pump and begin pumping. If you use an air compressor, do not overinflate. Use the pump or compressor to attain the maximum height.

The Balance Ball’s maximum diameter, or height off the floor, is what you inflate to, not pressure. You will be inflating your 65cm ball to 25” in diameter. Inflate your 55cm ball to 21” in diameter. 

When you reach the maximum height, remove the pump and quickly insert the white plug you removed previously. Now, sit on the ball. Is it comfortable? Are your legs and hips at about a 90 degree angle at your knees? If so, you are done. If not, add more air, but do not over inflate.

Remember to check you Balance Ball over the next  days to see if it needs more air.  Softness in the ball is normal and due to the expanding of the material.  Add more air if needed.