Since 1987 it has been our mission to help every golfer build a better, stronger and healthier golf game. We do this by developing the best, high-quality golf-specific fitness equipment and conditioning tools on the planet, and combine them with expert instruction designed to help every golfer improve his or her game. GolfGym wants you to enjoy the game and play better, longer, injury free golf, and these tools can help you do just that because they WORK!

The Best of the Best are using these same tools – Professional Tour Players, Teaching Professionals, Golf Fitness Trainers, Avid Golfers, Chiropractors and Golfers of all ages and abilities around the world. It isn’t difficult…in fact it is easy to get and keep your “golf body” ready to play the game you love for a very long time. You will get results from tee to green… guaranteed.

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The Evolution of GolfGymoriginal_golfgym

The Original GolfGym in 1987

In the Beginning
Over 35 years ago Ken Pierce along with a golf professional and sports physiologist invented a compact but powerful golf-specific training device. They called it a “golf gym” because that’s how you could use it; it did all the things one could do in a gym and was specifically designed to strengthen and improve a player’s golf fitness.

Ken and the team at Advantage Fitness, a sports and fitness marketing company, immediately recognized the benefits of such a device and they coined the name “GolfGym” and patented its unique design. It was soon part of the “Quik-Fit” product line introduced by ABC Sports’ Bud Palmer and endorsed by Bob Toski who called it “the best training and conditioning product ever introduced.”

ArnoldPalmerGGArnold Palmer demonstrating the GolfGym
in Portland, OR at the Fred Meyer Challenge 1987


 GolfGym Advertisement 1988

GolfGym,GolfGym Van,golf fitness

GolfGym Van 2008


Ken & Vicki Pierce, OwnersGolfGym Today
Today, Ken and Vicki Pierce and the GolfGym company have surrounded their original product with a range of products all designed with the same intent: to improve a golfer’s conditioning through the use of golf-specific training products.