3 Minutes A Day To Better Golf Performance

Get Ready…Get Set…Go!!!!
3 Minutes A Day
93 Total Minutes

If you are here, you are ready to start on this 31 day adventure into better performance on the golf course.  These 3 minute workouts are simple, easy and ONLY 3 MINUTES LONG!  Do you think you can spare 3 minutes a day to do something good for your spirit, your body and your golf game?
3 Minutes

Over the next 31 days I will be adding some golf specific training aids for added resistance to challenge you more and more. We will be using a Balance Ball, PowerSwing Trainer, 8 pound weighted ball, PowerStance Loop, foam roller, Bandz and maybe more.  I will let you know in advance and suggest substitutions for these in case you don’t have them.

In this first video, I will introduce you to the workouts and get you started on 93 minutes of movement.  That’s it…93 total minutes over 31 days of March.  LET’S GET AT IT!  Good Luck!

TJ Bonner:
“Hey I’ve been dealing with aching shoulders for a while now from working for a moving company, and swinging the clubs a lot. I Just did this 3 minute workout and my shoulders feel pretty good from it, thanks. Also I’ve had the golf gym for maybe a month now and it has seriously helped me with distance and I honestly haven’t even used it that much!!!”