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GolfGym now offers the IntelliSkin PostureCue Performance Apparel. “I wear my IntelliSkin Shirt during every workout and when I play Golf…and it is really great!”. Ken Pierce, President, GolfGym LLC


Product Description


What is IntelliSkin PostureCue™?

Good or Bad Posture affects the way we look, feel and perform. IntelliSkin products have been scientifically proven to improve posture and alignment simply by being worn. IntelliSkin’s utilizes the unique, patent pending PostureCue™ technology. It takes advantage of the manner in which the thousands of nerve endings in our skin respond to the outside world. That creates an instant and predictable neuromuscular response. You can expect more from what you wear.

On a personal note:
“I have been wearing the IntelliSkin Shirt during every one of my workouts and when I play golf. I absolutely love the shirt. It not only helps to improve my posture, but it has helped me stay committed with my workouts. I have one of the Foundation Shirt and one of the V-Tee’s”.
Ken Pierce, President, GolfGym

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Compression technology is being used by all types of athletes in all types of sports. It helps with performance and can help to prevent injury. That is a key factor for any competitive athlete.


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